C Stands for Can’t Miss Conventions – Montana

Hello and welcome to C Stands for Can’t Miss Conventions - Montana. This week’s travel destination guide is all about Geek Life in Montana. Here I will share my top two favorite convention events. Both of the conventions mentioned below and well known. They have attendees from all over the world attend and absorb the best Montana has to offer. OokiiSora Con - Helena, Montana 1. OokiiSora Co[...]

C Stands for Can’t Miss Conventions – Missouri

This week’s A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s is all about C Stands for Can’t Miss Conventions - Missouri. Here I will be sharing 2 of my favorite Geek Life events to attend in Missouri. Planet Comic Con - Can’t Miss Conventions Planet Comic Con Kansas City an annual event and is one of Missouri’s largest and longest-running pop culture and comic book conventions. 1. Planet Comic Con feat[...]

Amazing Drinks, Best Brunch and Conventions – illinois

Hello, and welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide for Amazing Drinks, Best Brunch, and Conventions - Illinois. Planning your next vacation or day trip get away starts right here. Let’s travel! AMAZING DRINKS - Illinois A stands for Amazing Drinks and Illinois does not disappoint. It was really hard to choose just two, but I thought these represented the heart of Illinois and both tast[...]