Can’t Miss December 2023 Events

Hello and welcome to my latest Travel Destination Guide blog post sharing Can't Miss December 2023 Events. I am talking about music festivals and sci-fi conventions, not Grandma's pumpkin pie or cornbread stuffing. Although my Mom's pecan pie was always a Can't Miss Event. Read on to explore Metal & Beerfest, L.A Comic Con, Bullseye Festival and more. No ugly sweaters needed, unless that is how yo[...]

Top Haunted Wineries 2023

Hello and welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide: Top Haunted Wineries 2023. This Blog Post shares the spooky secrets of haunted wineries and some chilling experiences that happened within their walls. Read on to explore Argyle Winery, Beringer Vineyards, Miles Wine Cellars and more. Some of the wineries below have embraced where the past and paranormal collide and created wines in honor of their[...]

Top Haunted Houses & Attractions 2023

Hello and Welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide: Top Haunted Houses & Attractions 2023. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the leaves changing colors. I love more the haunted houses and spooky attractions that you can explore during Halloween Season. Yes, Halloween is a season, for me anyway! Read on to discover Cutting Edge Haunted House, Knott's Scary Farm, 13th Floor Chicago and m[...]

Amazing Travel Adventures – Maryland

Hello, and Welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures - Maryland. This travel destination guide shares East Coast Harbors, National Aquariums, Storytellers' Grave sites and much more. National HARBOR The National Harbor can be found on the Potomac River, south of Washington, DC. This amazing travel adventure is full of shops, boutiques, places to eat and more. My top of the list to see and do is to[...]

Amazing Travel Adventures – Maine

Hello, and welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures - Maine sharing My Travel Destination Guide for a few of my favorite things to do in Maine. Read on to explore Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park, Maine Botanical Gardens, L.L. Bean’s Flagship Store and so much more. Let's travel Maine style! Thunder Hole Thunder Hole is a small inlet that is naturally carved out of the shoreline along Ma[...]

Top Sci-Fi Movie Set Locations

Hello and welcome to my next travel destination guide sharing Top Sci-Fi Movie Set Locations. Read on to discover the oldest movie featured with the best set location, it is my top spot: Point Dume in Malibu, California. Discover one of my favorite go to locations for food and fun while attending college: Central Market in Los Angeles, California. Also read on the discover Randy's Donuts. It has been[...]

Amazing Travel Adventures – Louisiana

This week's Travel Destination Guide shares Amazing Travel Adventures - Louisiana. Louisiana is in the southeastern region of the United States on the Gulf of Mexico. Its history as a melting pot of French, African, American and French-Canadian cultures is as long as their food is tasty! The list of things to see and do in Louisiana is too much to cover in one blog post, so I am sharing a few of m[...]

Amazing Traveling Adventures – Kentucky

Hello and welcome to my blog post: Amazing Travel Adventures - Kentucky. This destination travel guide shares Kentucky's finest things to do and see. Read on to explore Daniel Boone National Forest, Cumberland Falls State Park and so much more. There is more than racing, bourbon and bluegrass in the state of Kentucky, but I am rather partial to their bourbon! DANIEL BOONE NATIONAL FOREST D[...]

Amazing Travel Adventures – Kansas

Hello and Welcome to the next Amazing Travel Adventures Kansas edition. This week we are exploring. Have you heard of Kansas? Yes, the Wizard of Oz Kansas. That place Dorothy is from and spends the entire movie trying to get back to. Read on to discover larger then life art, waterfalls and flying motorcycles! This Sunflower State has so much to explore and experience there really is no place like home[...]

Amazing Travel Adventures – Iowa

Hello and welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures - Iowa. This travel destination guide shares must see and do things all about Iowa. Read on to explore Covered Bridges, a Field of Dreams, Pike Peak State Park and so much more. Let's Travel Iowa style! Cedar Covered Bridge If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE Bridges! Traveling the covered Bridges of Madison County had to top my list f[...]

Best Indiana Themed Cocktails

Hello and welcome to Best Indiana Themed Cocktails. Read on as I share cocktail recipes paying tribute to the Indianapolis 500 speedway, Hoosiers, fast racing cars and sparkly summer drinks. So many tasty treats to try. Cheers to Best Indiana Themed Cocktails. Green Light Cocktail Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add 2 ounces vodka, 2 ounces apple schnapps and 1 ounce lemon juice. Cover and s[...]

Amazing Travel Adventures – Indiana

Hello, and welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures - Indiana. Together we can explore McCormick's Creek State Park, Clifty Falls State Park, Upper Cataracts Falls and so much more. Planning your next vacation or day trip get-away to Indiana starts right here. There is definitely more to Indiana than cornfields. Let's travel Indiana style. McCormick's Creek State Park McCormick's Creek State P[...]