Amazing Adventures – My Crypticon Experience

Hello and welcome to Amazing Adventures – My Crypticon Experience. Crypticon Seattle is an annual event held in Washington. The event showcases the dark side of sci-if, fantasy, Goth and more. Follow me as I share my 3 day, and night Crypticon Experience. Come to the Dark Side.

Role Playing, A New Twist on an old favorite – My Crypticon Experience

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. Blue Mousketeer role playing Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture show played at 12 midnight Friday night. The crowd shivered with antici – pation. There was singing. Oh, and there was dancing. It was all so much fun. Don’t just dream it, be it. Dreaming of seeing the Blue Mousketeers perform? Their event calendar can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Abbys Air FX n – My Crypticon Experience

Follow an amazing step by step transformation process completed by Abbys Air FX. Simple human to spectacular demon. The layers of color. Dark and light contrast. Such an amazing sight to be seen. Abby is a well known airbrush artist, makeup artist and blood special effects artist. Check out her website at to see her gallery. You can also make an appointment or sign up for a class.

Celebrity Guest David Naughton – My Crypticon Experience

I am a true fan of the cult classic film – American Werewolf in London. No, I have not memorized all of the lines, but I have watched the film several times and I always enjoy it and discover something new and wonderful each time. It was such an honor to meet its star, David Naughton. Autograph, check. Conversation, check. Selfie with the star, check. Memories that will last a lifetime, check! I will heed your advice David and Beware the Moon!

Celebrity Guest Felissa Rose – My Crypticon Experience

Sleepaway Camp is one of my favorite 80’s campy movies. See what I did there? Sleepaway Camp, Campy movie! The feathered hair. The short shorts. The short t-shirts. The campers and staff dropping dead from unusual deaths. Angela / Felissa promised me she left the curling iron in the room upstairs, so a screaming selfie was a must have. I passed though on the invite to meet her at the waterfront after the social. Do you think I should have met her at the waterfront?

Celebrity Guest Eric Freeman – My Crypticon Experience

What happens when Santa Claus kills your parents? You get adopted by an amazing family but your childhood trauma follows you. Things get complicated for Ricky after the death of his stepfather and dead bodies start piling up. Ricky, following in his older brother Billy’s footsteps, starts killing people that need to be punished. Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 is very well done, integrating present and past lives of both Ricky and Billy. Handing out punishment really does run in the family. Speaking of punishment, Eric, I am going to be late for our punishment date. Like forever late!

Celebrity Guest Lisa Zane – My Crypticon Experience

One, two. Freddy’s coming for you. Freddy has killed all of the children in his hometown. He must find another town and more children to kill. Arriving in a new town he discovers his long lost daughter. Wait? What? A daughter? Yes, Maggie / Lisa Zane is Freddy’s daughter. Poor girl. Talk about some serious daddy issues. No wonder when they meet face to face they decide they are going to kill one another. And here I thought my family reunions were killing me. An amazing movie. Tied up most of the loose ends. Highly recommend watching before your next family adventure.

13th Floor Party Zone – My Crypticon Experience

I love the guest panels. Exploring the vendors room and discovering new treasures is one of my favorite things. The creative cosplay takes my breath away. But, I have to admit my favorite part of any convention is the after party shenanigans. Crypticon Seattle has an entire floor of party. ID checked and arm band received. It’s go time. BioHazard has always been one of my favorite pit stops on the 13th floor. They serve amazing drinks at amazing prices. There is always a DJ playing some old and new dance tunes. This weekend has shown me that I am getting old. My recovery time after all night shenanigans is getting a bit longer than it used to. BioHazard, you will always be worth my old lady aches and pains from dancing too much and staying up too late. Thank you for an amazing time.

Amazing Adventures – My Crypticon Experience

Thank you for joining me on Amazing Adventures – My Crypticon Experience.

Looking for more Crypticon Seattle things to do? Check out my blog post Amazing Adventures – Crypticon Seattle or click here. Discover other celebrity guests that attended the event. Exhibitors that attended and their website in case something might have caught your eye. Follow Crypticon Seattle on FaceBook to follow their updates and to find out the dates for their next event.

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