Sleepaway Camp

Amazing Adventures – My Crypticon Experience

Hello and welcome to Amazing Adventures - My Crypticon Experience. Crypticon Seattle is an annual event held in Washington. The event showcases the dark side of sci-if, fantasy, Goth and more. Follow me as I share my 3 day, and night Crypticon Experience. Come to the Dark Side. Role Playing, A New Twist on an old favorite - My Crypticon Experience I would like, if I may, to take you on a st[...]

Best Drinks – Horror Movie Themed Cocktails

Hello and welcome to Best Drinks - Horror Movie Themed Cocktails. This week’s cocktail adventures are staying with the Horror Movies featured at Crypticon Seattle. The theme is horror and I am sharing cocktails from American Werewolf in London, Nightmare on Elm Street and Sleepaway Camp. A whole lot of horror and a whole lot of taste! Werewolf Bite Cocktail Werewolf Bite was created after[...]