A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Nebraska

This week’s A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s Travel Destination Guide shares Amazing Travel Adventures – Nebraska.

Nebraska has something for everyone. The prairies of the Great Plains. The dunes of the Sandhills. The rock formations of the panhandle. I am sharing a few of my favorite things from my Amazing Travel Adventures – Nebraska.

Parks, and Bridges, and State Lines

1. Smith Falls State Park is home to Nebraska’s highest waterfall, Smith Falls. It’s a nature lovers dream come true. The Park offers, hikes, campgrounds and the Niobrara to tank down. What is tanking you ask? Plastic water or feeding tanks used to care for livestock have been updated. Seating is added into the tank and tossed into the river! For more information and to book your next tanking trip visit www.visitnebraska.com or click here.

2. The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, also known as The Bob by the locals, is over 3000 feet long. The Bob not only spans across the Missouri River but connects the states of Nebraska and Iowa. I love bridges and this bridge has so many treasures to discover.

3. How can you be in two states at once? Easy with the state lines marked out on the bridge. Many people have pictures taken with one foot in each state. For more information visit www.omaha.net or click here.

Speed, and Stadiums, and World Series.

1. Museum of American Speed is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their website states that the museum was created to present a continuous chronology of automotive Racing Engine and Speed Equipment. The museum wants to preserve, interpret, and display items significant in racing and automotive history. For more information and to view an updated event calendar visit their website at www.museumofamericanspeed.com or click here. Photo courtesy of Museum of American Speed.

2. Nebraska University Memorial Stadium is also known as the Sea of Red and is located on UN’s campus. The stadium serves as home for the Nebraska Cornhuskers Football team and other events held throughout the year. What are the other events? I don’t know. I just know that watching a live football game with over 85,000 of your closet friends and seeing nothing but RED for as far as the eye can see should be on every sports fan’s bucket list. For more information about the stadium, football schedule and those other events visit www.huskers.com or click here.

3. The Road to Omaha statue stands outside TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, Nebraska. The Park hosts the College World Series playoffs each year. Next scheduled event is June 19-30, 2021. For more information visit their website at www.tdameritradeparkomaha.com or click here.

Cars, and Kool-Aid, and Stamps, Nebraska’s Way

1. Carhenge is located in Alliance, Nebraska. It is open year round from dawn to dusk for visitors to take in this unusual sculpture garden. Carhenge is true to size replica of England’s Stonehenge created by Jim Reinders. The town also has a Main Street, that is full of shops and restaurants. Highly recommend planning a day trip to this amazing travel adventure. For more information visit their website at www.carhenge.com or click here.

2. Kool-Aid Museum is located in Hastings, Nebraska. Hastings, Nebraska is where Edwin Perkins invented Kool-Aid in 1927. The Kool-Aid Museum is located in the Museum of Natural and Cultural History. The exhibit showcases the drink’s beginnings and the original Kool-Aid man suit. For more information visit their website at www.hastingsmuseum.org or click here.

3. Largest Ball of Stamps is located at the Leon Myers Stamp Center in the Boys Town visitors center. The stamp ball is 32 inches in diameter and weighs over 600 pounds. The ball is made up of canceled stamps and began as a project for the Stamp Collecting Club in 1953. For more information visit their website at www.boystown.org or click here. Photo courtesy of Boys Town visitors center.

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Nebraska

Told you Nebraska has something for everyone! What amazing travel adventure is at the top of your list for your next vacation or getaway? Looking for more places to go and adventures to see? Read my blog post A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Montana or click here.

Thanks for traveling with me.

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