C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Arizona

Hello and welcome to Can’t Miss Events – Arizona. Here I will be sharing sci-if conventions, horror conventions, film festivals and music festivals Arizona style. Let’s discover Arizona’s art community.

Phoenix Fan Fusion – Arizona

1. Phoenix Fan Fusion will be showcasing all things Geek! Comic Book authors and illustrators, Cosplay contests, Gaming, Panels and so much more.

2. Their next Can’t Miss Event is scheduled to take place September 25 – 27, 2020. Adult Single Saturday tickets are $45. Adult All Event tickets are $75.

3. Restrictions and numbers and policies for pubic events are changing daily. For updates regarding this event visit their website at www.phoenixfanfusion.com or click here.

Mad Monster Party – Arizona

1. Mad Monster Party is all things horror. Their saying is “Scares that Care”, and they deliver. This Can’t Miss Event showcases Horror, Sci-if Fantasy and so much more.

2. Advanced Adult Single Saturday tickets are $40. Advanced Adult Weekend tickets are $70.

3. Please visit their website for updates at www.monsterparty.com or click here. The website offers up to the minute panel schedules, celebrity guests, vendors and more.

Arizona International Film Festival – Arizona

1. Arizona International Film Festival’s mission is to showcase independent films. They have an amazing job upholding that mission. Their website states they have exhibited over 2,500 films representing over 90 countries.

2. Their next Can’t Miss Event is scheduled to take place April 15 – 25, 2020. All Access tickets are $60 and include all 12 days of screenings, workshops and special events. Per screening tickets are $10.

3. To view films being showcased, screening times and more visit their website at www.filmfestivalarizona.com or click here.

Country Thunder Music Festival – Arizona

1. Country Thunder Music Festival makes the desert come to life. This Can’t Miss Events is held annually in Florence, Arizona. The Festival showcases top performers, such as David Lynch and more, and brings the best of the music community together for a weekend.

2. Their next event is scheduled to take place April 16 – 19, 2020. Festival ticket prices vary depending on the level of perks you want to purchase with your ticket. Overall ticket prices vary from $190 to $235. Those prices go up as the perked go up. There is camping or glamping, depends on what you want to spend.

3. Visit their website to find updates, ticket prices, camping prices and so much more. Their website is www.countrythunder.com or click here.

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Arizona

Thanks for exploring with me and discovering Can’t Miss Events – Arizona. My new favorite treasures are Mad Monster Party, scares that care, and Country Thunder Music Festival. Live music is one of my passions in life. Is it one of yours? Did your favorite Can’t Miss Event – Arizona make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures!

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