A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Montana

This week’s A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s Travel Destination Guide is all about Montana. A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Montana. Montana is Mother Nature at her BEST! So much beauty to see and explore. Join me on my Montana Adventure.

Parks, and Lakes, and Rocks! Yes, please

1. Glacier National Park is often refereed to as The Crown of the Continent. Glacier National Park covers over 1 million acres and hold over 700 miles of trails. Discover adventures in the park’s forests, meadows, mountain areas or many lakes. For more information and updates visit their website at www.nps.gov or click here.

2. Flathead Lake. This lake is one of many located within Glacier National Park. It’s claim to fame however, is that it is the largest natural freshwater lake West of the Mississippi River. Do you prefer sailing, boating, water skiing, swimming, fishing or camping? Flathead Lake has what you want.

3. Ringing Rocks. Ringing Rocks are located in Butte, Montana and are a Mother Nature is truly amazing must see spot I highly recommend visiting. The rocks in the area chime when struck by a hammer. I didn’t believe it myself until I heard it for myself. I read, researching the why is what I do, and the ringing is a combination of the rocks composition and the patterns they have created while being molded/eroded into their present state.

This Town is Looking Like a Ghost Town – The Specials

1. Castle Ghost Town, also referred to as Castle City, or simply Castle once held over 2,000 residents. The Silver Boom began in 1882 for Castle Rock. Along with the increase in residents came the building of schools, stores, brothels and saloons. Martha Jane Cannary, AKA Calamity Jane, ran a restaurant in the town. Her retirement was short lived though, and she moved back to Deadwood. The last residents of Castle City left in the 1930’s and the town has been abandoned ever since.

2. Bannack State Park is a registered landmark. The Gold Boom began in 1862 for the town. The population rose to over 3,000 residents by 1863. As the gold deposits decreased so did the town’s population. Bannack became a state park in 1954. The park sits on over 1,600 acres and offers camping, fishing, hiking and guided tours. Something for everyone. For more information visit their website at www.bannack.org or click here.

3. Ghost town road trip. Are you into ghost towns and history as much as I am? I highly recommend a Ghost Town Road Trip. There are well over 60 ghost towns in the state of Montana. This Ghost Town road trip will help you discover some amazing teavle adventures. For more information visit Montana’s website at www.visitmt.com or click here.

Mystery, and Buddhas, and Art Centers! That is a Win, Win, Win!

1 Montana Vortex and House of Mystery. The house is more of a crooked shack, but still lots of fun and laughs. It features optical illusions and a souvenir store. Be sure to bring your camera because you won’t believe your eyes. For more information visit their website at www.montatavortex.com or click here.

2. Garden of 1000 Buddhas is one of the most breathtaking gardens I have ever seen. The Garden is a botanical garden, public park and Buddhist Center. The garden came to be from a vision that Sangngag Rinpoche had as a child. The Garden of 1000 Buddhas was built to align positive properties of the physical world within the sacred eight spoke Dharma wheel. For more information visit their website at www.ewam.org or click here.

3. Tippet Rise Art Center is located in Fishtail, Montana. The Center can be found on a 12,000 acre sheep and cattle ranch. Tippet Rise Art Center is host to musical concerts and larger than life exhibits and scupltures. You can bike, hike or take a guided tour with the Center’s staff. For more information visit their website at www.tippetrise.org or click here.

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures- Montana

Thank you for traveling with me and discovering Amazing Travel Adventures – Montana. Glacier National Park will always remain a favorite of mine. So much to see and so much to do. I personally can’t wait to travel the Ghost Town Road Trip locations again. Have you been to a ghost town before? Share your favorite in the comments.

Is Montana a bit too cold this time of year for you? Travel with me and discover A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Mississippi. Read my blog post or click here. Mississippi is hot, hot, hot!

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