Rose City Comic Con

Amazing Adventures – Portland Experience

Hello and welcome to Amazing Adventures - Portland Experience. Let’s explore and discover amazing comic book creators, amazing Cosplayers, amazing Portland food and amazing Portland nightlife. Let's experience Portland, Oregon! Comic Book Creator Miles Greb - Rose City Comic Con Portland After the Gold Rush is an amazing science comic with words and story created by Miles Greb. Miles not[...]

Best Drinks – Rose City themed Cocktails

Hello and welcome to Best Drinks - Rose City Themed Cocktails. With so many amazing celebrity guests I thought it only right to create amazing RCCC themed cocktails. Read on and discover the Katana Martini, The Homelander, The Ent Draught Cocktail and The Helmsman. Cheers to Rose City Comic Con. Amazing celebrity guests. Tasty themed cocktails. Katana Martini - Suicide Squad - Karen Fukuh[...]

Can’t Miss Events – Rose City Comic Con

Hello and welcome to Can't Miss Events - Rose City Comic Con. Ready to have some fun at the upcoming Rose City Comic Convention?! This can't miss event is scheduled to take place September 10 - 12, 2021. RCCC is known as Portland’s premier pop culture event! The convention showcases some of the most-loved comic creators. Special highlights featuring sci-fi, anime, fantasy, and gaming. See creativ[...]

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Oregon

Hello and welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide sharing Can’t Miss Events - Oregon. Here you can find large comic con events, a smaller sci-if conventions, film festivals and music festivals. Oregon has something for everyone. Let’s go exploring! Rose City Comic Con - Oregon 1. Rose City Comic Con is an annual event, (except 2020, we don’t talk about 2020) held at the Oregon Convent[...]