Amazing Adventures – Portland Experience

Hello and welcome to Amazing Adventures – Portland Experience. Let’s explore and discover amazing comic book creators, amazing Cosplayers, amazing Portland food and amazing Portland nightlife. Let’s experience Portland, Oregon!

Comic Book Creator Miles Greb – Rose City Comic Con Portland

After the Gold Rush is an amazing science comic with words and story created by Miles Greb. Miles not only autographed the graphic novel but also posed for a photograph. I opted to purchase the all in one collection with issue #1 through #5. The collection offers all 5 issues plus the inks and alternate covers. To see more Miles Greb science or to order your own collection visit or click here.

Comic Book Creator Madeleine Holly-Rosing – Rose City Comic Con Portland

I discovered The Boston Metaphysical Society while attending San Diego Comic Fest and I have been a huge fan ever since. How can you not love a former Pinkerton detective, genius scientist and a spirit photographer working together to solve crimes and battle the supernatural in an alternate history. Steampunk, check. Supernatural, check. Autographed copy of the latest issue and photo with the author, check. Check out or click here to learn more and get an issue or two of your own.

Comic Creator Caleb Palmquist – Rose City Comic Con Portland

Unicorn Vampire Hunter written by Caleb Palmquist. Yep, you heard me right! Unicorn Vampire Hunter. Book One takes you on an adventure and introduces you to fantasy, magic and a unicorn that kills vampires. Magical unicorn. Magical horn. Dead vampires. Book Two was at the publishers and will be made available shortly. To learn more visit or click here.

Comic Creator Michael Tanner – Rose City Comic Con Portland

What’s better than a collection of amazing stories? Amazing cocktail themed recipes paired with each story. If you have read other blog posts of mine you know I am a themed cocktail fan. Pub Crawl Anthology did not disappoint. Late Night at the Little Drop Bar was written by Michael Tanner. His autograph and photo to the right. This short story features amazing music, an amazing bar and an amazing themed cocktail. The Red Barn cocktail has spiced rum, grenadine, coffee liqueur and cola. Other works from Michael Tanner or to get your very own Pub Crawl, go to or click here.

Cosplayers – Rose City Comic Con Portland

The talent and artistry created by the Cosplayers at Rose City Comic Con is awesome. There was something new and wonderful at every turn. Please tag the Cosplayers if you know who they are. It was hard to get names and photos at the same time. Check out the Rose City Comic Con’s gallery for more amazingness at or click here.

Portland Food and Drinks

Hungry Tiger is located in Southeast Portland. Their theme is Good Food and Stiff Drinks. The patio is opened everyday, but Tuesday, 3:00 pm – 1:00 am. The kitchen closes at 12:30 am and is a must try for late night eats. My late night choice was Three Corn Tacos with seasoned ground beef and on order of Chips & Pico. Vegan beyond beef is a filler option for the tacos. For vegan friendly or meat friendly menu selections visit or click here.

Wyrd Leather and Meadery is located in the Woodstock are of Portland. This small local business showcases handmade leather goods, artisanal mead, feast boards and soups. All of the above change as items are purchased and consumed. To see their latest offerings visit or click here. I ordered a taster flight while I was visiting. I loved the Berserker Blackberry Mead and even brought a bottle back home with me to enjoy later! Skol! Wyrd Leather and Mead can be shipped. Get your wish list ready and check out their options.

Portland Nightlife / Nightclub

The Coffin Club’s website states they are a dark Goth bar with horror-themed decor. The Club hosts concerts, burlesque shows, tarot readings and more. Located on Southeast Grand Ave and crawling distance, I mean walking distance, from the convention center it is a Portland Nightlife must see and experience. Arrive early and take a self guided tour of all the decor throughout the Club. Surprises lurk around every corner and the horror themed details are top notch. The dance floor is somewhat small and fills up quickly but the music will have you moving all night long. An Event calendar can be found at or click here, if you dare!

Portland Nightlife / Adult Entertainment

Did you know that the Portland area is the Strip Club Capitol in the United States? I don’t even know where they are in Seattle but apparently there are over 250 strip clubs in Portland. So, when in Portland!

Lucky Devil Lounge is located on Southeast Powell Blvd. The Lounge offers amazing dancers, amazing food, lottery and poker. The artistry was breathtaking. And there are 3 dance poles, 3! The chicken breast sandwich with tater tots was good to the last bite. I didn’t try the lottery or poker but I did remember to tip the dancers! Dancers schedules can be found at or click here.

Devils Point Strip Club is located on Southeast Foster Road. Their website state they are Oregon’s rock ‘n’ roll strip club and home of world famous Striparaoke. My Thursday night adventure to Devils Point featured 90’s music and low costs adult beverages. I ordered, and would order again, their Fruit Punch. Yes, it did pack a punch! Tastes so good and don’t know it hits you until you stand up kind of punch. Event calendars and dancers schedules can be found at or click here.

Amazing Adventures – Portland Experience

Thank you for joining me as we discovered amazing adventures Portland Experience. So many things to do and see Portland style. I have to say I have not been to a strip club since college. That was many, many years ago. The music, the dancers and the food made it all an amazing adventure that I might not wait as long to experience again. Mark your calendars, Rose City Comic Con’s next amazing adventure is scheduled to take place September 9 – 11th, 2022. Did your favorite Portland experience make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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