Can’t Miss Events – Rose City Comic Con

Hello and welcome to Can’t Miss Events – Rose City Comic Con. Ready to have some fun at the upcoming Rose City Comic Convention?! This can’t miss event is scheduled to take place September 10 – 12, 2021. RCCC is known as Portland’s premier pop culture event! The convention showcases some of the most-loved comic creators. Special highlights featuring sci-fi, anime, fantasy, and gaming.

See creative Cosplay roam the event grounds. It is a magical place. Your favorite characters come to life. Get up close and personal with some of the stars from your favorite movies and TV shows. 

Here are just some of the icons you can expect to meet at the convention:

Karen Fukuhara from Suicide Squad

Fans of the Suicide Squad franchise rejoice. Katana will be visiting the Rose City Comic Convention! My favorite Karen Fukuhara role is as Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana in Suicide Squad. So much amazingness! She has also played Kimiko Miyashiro in the TV series The Boys. Karen will be appearing at the event Saturday and Sunday.


Antony Starr from The Boys

The Boys is a relatively new show that first aired in 2019. The show has already made waves in the pop culture scene. Antony Starr, the, ahem, star, of the show, will be at Rose City Comic Con. Homelander can be found doing superhero things, and maybe not so superhero things, Saturday and Sunday. Antony is also known for his work as twins Jethro and Van West in the dramedy Outrageous Fortune. He can also be seen as Billy Newwood in Without a Paddle. Mr Starr has also played Lucas Hood, lead of the series Banshee.


Billy Boyd and Sean Astin

Transport yourself to The Shire and hang out with Pippin and Samwise Gamgee! Billy Boyd and Sean Astin from the Lord of the Rings. These two are members of the band of iconic hobbits. Both will be gracing the Rose City Comic Convention with their presence. The Lord of the Rings has one of the biggest and longest-lasting fan bases across the globe. Fans of the franchise won’t want to miss these two’s appearances on the Saturday and Sunday.


George Takei

Perhaps one of the most iconic actors to grace our screen is George Takei. George has been in over 40 feature films through the decades. Fans of the Star Trek franchise know him best as Hikaru Sulu. Lt. Sulu is the brave helmsman of the USS Enterprise. The veteran actor will be visiting Rose City Comic Convention on Saturday and Sunday.


Rose City Comic Con – Portland, Oregon

With such a star-studded lineup of guests, this year’s convention is something you wouldn’t want to miss. The Rose City Comic Con will be running from September 10-12, 2021. Located at the Oregon Convention Center in downtown Portland, Oregon. Check out the safety protocols here. Buy your tickets for the event here.

Does your love for sci-fi and fantasy run in the family? If you’re planning to visit the convention with children, check out Rose City Jr. This section of the convention is dedicated to the littlest fans. Young ones can enjoy lively performances. Get a free sketch from talented comic book artists. Check out the event schedule and start planning. It’s the perfect place for a family-friendly adventure. Photo courtesy of Rose City Comic Con.

Address: 777 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd Portland, OR 97232

Can’t Miss Events – Rose City Comic Con

Thank you for exploring with me and discovering Can’t Miss Events – Rose City Comic Con. Together we discovered just how artistic and creative Oregon truly is. Rose City Comic Con showcases fandoms for all genres. Sci-Fi, check. Fantasy, check. Gaming, check. There are so many checks! Is your favorite TV / Movie character making an appearance at RCCC? Will your favorite comic book writer or illustrator be in attendance? If not, share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures and artists. Maybe Rose City Comic Con will invite them to next year’s event?

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