New York Life

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – New York

Hello and Welcome to this week's featured Travel Destination Guide: Can't Miss Events - New York. I am sharing non-New York City events this post. Conventions and Film Festivals are aplenty in New York State. I may create another blog post featuring all events New York City, they deserve their own blog post. Travel with me to a few of my favorite, not in New York City, Can't Miss Events - New York.[...]

B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks – New York

Hello and welcome to my B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks - New York. This week's food and drink travel destination guide explores amazing French toast places. Here discover Mexican breakfasts that are filled with deliciousness. There are a couple name sake cocktail recipes that are sure to having you say Cheers to New York! Enjoy! Best Food - New York Betty's is located at 370 Virginia St[...]

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – New York

This week I am sharing Amazing Travel Adventures New York style. Here in my Travel Destination Guide for New York find the best places to go and to see. Start planning your next vacation or getaway to New York State. Yes, New York City is an Amazing Travel Adventure but there is so much more to discover. Let’s explore. Waterfalls and Piers and Wine Country - New York 1. Niagara Falls State Pa[...]