C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Virginia

Hello and welcome to C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Virginia. Here discover RavenCon, MystiCon, Virginia Film Festival, and Lockn’s Music Festival. Let’s discover Can’t Miss Events – Virginia style.

RavenCon – Virginia

1. RavenCon is an annual three day event. It takes place in Richmond, Virginia and named after the famous author Edgar Allan Poe, a Richmond resident. The Con showcases all things SciFi, Fantasy, Horror and so many more genres. It is an amazing event for all ages and fandoms.

2. Their next Can’t Miss Events is scheduled to take place April 29 – May 1, 2022. Early Bird Adult Weekend tickets are $35. Adult Saturday Tickets are $35 at the door.

3. For celebrity guests, panel schedules, restriction updates and more visit www.RavenCon.com or click here. All photos are courtesy for RavenCon.

MystiCon – Virginia

1. MystiCon is an event that features SciFi, Fantasy, Horror and so much more. Held annually in Roanoke, Virginia, it is A Bit Un-conventional.

2. Confirmed dates for MystiCon’s next Can’t Miss Event were not available at the time of this posting. The event planning committee is awaiting event updates. Daily changes are taking place regarding crowd capacity limits and more. Past Adult Weekend tickets were $40.

3. To learn dates, prices, celebrity guests and more visit their website at www.MystiCon-va.com or click here. Photos are courtesy of MystiCon.

Virginia Film Festival – Virginia

1. Virginia Film Festival is a program that is part of the University of Virginia. This Can’t Miss Event has been showcasing films and filmmakers for over 30 years in Charlottesville.

2. The Festival’s next event is scheduled to take place October 27 – 31, 2021. All access passes for the festival are $65. Single screening passes can be purchased for $8 per film.

3. Feature films, schedules and more can be found at www.virginiafilmfestival.org or click here. All photos courtesy of Virginia Film Festival.

Lockn’ Festival – Virginia

1. Lockn’ Farm is an amazing music event held in Arlington, Virginia. This music event showcases jam bands, improvisational music acts and so much more.

2. Their next Can’t Miss Event has 3 weekends of music amazingness. August 13 – 15, 2021. August 20 – 22, 2021. August 27 – 29, 2021. General Admission 3 day passes are $199.

3. Music line ups, festival hours, ticket prices and more can be found on their website at www.locknfarm.com or click here. Restrictions and crowd capacities continue to change. Checkout their website for updates. Photos are courtesy of Lockn’ Festival.

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Virginia

Thank you for exploring with me and discovering Can’t Miss Events – Virginia. Virginia had me at MystiCon’s A Bit Un-Conventional event. I love exploring and discovering new treasures and MystiCon had something for everyone! Did your favorite Can’t Miss Event – Virginia make my list? If not, please add it into the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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