A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Washington

Hello and welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures – Washington. Here I am sharing my travel destination guide for all things Washington. Let’s explore and discover amazing travel adventures Washington style.

National Parks and Palouse Falls and Primate Cave – Washington

1. Olympic National Park is over 1 million acres located in Port Angeles, Washington. Plan your amazing adventure and discover the best forests, coast and mountains Washington has to offer. You can make reservations, check hours, view trail maps and more at www.nps.gov or click here.

2. Palouse Falls is among the last active waterfalls on the Ice Age flood paths. Plan your trip to view this amazing adventure when the water is high, low or even frozen. It’s a must see anytime of the year. For more information, and horrible parking stories, visit www.parks.state.wa.us or click here.

3. Ape Caves are the third longest lava tubes in North America. The tube is 2.5 miles long and requires your own flashlight to explore. There is a lower cave that is easy walking and ends after 3/4 of a mile. There is also an upper cave that is labeled difficult walking and ends after 1.5 miles, an eight foot rock wall and rock piles. Guess which cave I choose to explore? To learn more or make on online reservation visit www.recreation.gov or click here.

Bridges that Float and Illuminated Waterfalls and Bridges that Might Not Be There – Washington

1. Introducing Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, also known to the locals as the 520 Bridge. The bridge carries travelers across Lake Washington to and from Downtown Seattle and its Eastern Suburbs. Spanning over 7,700 feet it is the longest floating bridge in the world (at the time of this post anyway). This pontoon type bridge offers a protected pedestrian and bicycle path as well as vehicle access. Visit www.wsdot.com or click here to learn more of the bridge’s history and design.

2. Ladder Creek Falls Trail is a 1/2 mile loop that features an amazing waterfall. Adding more amazing to the waterfall is the light show that happens there from dusk to midnight. A hike in nature, a light show and sometimes music makes Ladder Creek Falls an add to anyone’s must see list. Check out the park service’s website at www.nps.gov or click here for more information.

3. Deception Pass Bridge connects Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island. The bridge is over 1,400 feet long and carries State Route 20. The Pass can be crossed by using two auto lanes and or two sidewalks. With a Sate Park, beaches and amazing views I recommend not passing on visiting Deception Pass Bridge.

Trolls and Twin Peaks and Tours – Washington

1. Fremont Bridge Troll can be found hanging out under the Aurora Bridge (also called the George Washington Memorial Bridge) near North 36th Street in Seattle. This amazing public sculpture was created by Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter and Ross Whitehead in 1990. Locals and tourists alike visit the Fremont Troll for photos and to see this amazing icon in person. A replica of the Troll was used in an episode of the TV Series Once Upon a Time. The Troll is everywhere.

2. The Palmer House from Twin Peaks is located in Everett, Washington. This private home was showcased in the TV series Twin Peaks. Episodes for the show were filmed in the house’s living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen. Tours and photos are dependent upon the owners Please abide by their wishes.

3. Seattle Underground Tours take you through a version of the city not many people are even aware of. Explore a subterranean guided tour and discover layers of ruins from the 1889 Seattle fire. There are several tours available to attend.

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Washington

Thank you for joining me as we explored and discovered Amazing Travel Adventures – Washington. New favorites I am adding to my list include the Olympic National Park, Evergreen Point Floating Bridge and The Fremont Troll. Did your favorite Washington Amazing Travel Adventure make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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