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A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – North Carolina

Hello and welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide: A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures - North Carolina. Whether you are a fan of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cape Hatteras National Seashore or the movie Dirty Dancing, North Carolina has something for everyone. Come travel with me! Domes and Railroads and Bridges - North Carolina 1. Clingman’s Dome is the highest point in the Great Smoky[...]

C Stands for Can’t Miss Conventions – New Mexico

This week’s travel destination guide shares Can’t Miss Conventions - New Mexico. I have even shared an amazing film festival. There is so many events to attend, I highly recommend putting all of these on your must see, must attend list. Geek Life and Film Life is amazing in New Mexico. Enjoy a few of my New Mexico favorite things. Albuquerque Comic Con - New Mexico 1. Albuquerque Comic Con[...]

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – New Jersey

Hello and Welcome to My Next Travel Destination Guide: Amazing Travel Adventures New Jersey. New Jersey has so much history, so much fun and so much horror! Read on to travel with me to some of the best New Jersey has to offer. Parks and Bridges and Tunnels - New Jersey 1. Liberty State Park is located at 200 Morris Pesin Drive in Jersey City, New Jersey. The park is located in northern New Jer[...]

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Arizona

Hello and welcome to this week’s travel destination guide: Amazing Travel Adventures - Arizona. Here we will be discovering Grand Canyons, the City of Sedona, Observatories and so much more. Let’s travel Arizona style. Canyons and Bends and Vortexes - Arizona 1. Grand Canyon National Park covers over 1,900 miles of amazing adventures. There are three Rims to access the Park. The South Rim o[...]

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Alaska

Hello and Welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide sharing Can’t Miss Events - Alaska. Here I will be sharing Anime Conventions, Sci-fi Fantasy Conventions and International Film Festivals Alaska style! Let’s explore. Senshi Con - Alaska 1. Senshi Con is Alaska’s top Anime and gaming convention. This Can’t Miss Event is all things Artists, Anime, Cosplay, Gaming, Panels and so mu[...]

B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks – Alabama

This week's Foodie and Cocktail Travel Guide shares Best Food and Best Drinks - Alabama. From fresh Farmhouse Hash to an amazing Breakfast Buffet, Alabama is a Foodie Lovers dream come true. And the cocktails! Let's just say Alabama loves its Amaretto. Travel with me to Best Food and Best Drinks Alabama style! Best Food - Alabama First Alabama Foodie Stop is First Watch. First Watch, The Daytime[...]