Top Haunted Hotels 2023

Hello and Welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide sharing Top Haunted Hotels 2023. Have you ever checked into a hotel you never wanted to leave? Well, these hotels have ghosts, cold spots, and a little something extra. And I don’t mean a mint on your pillow. Read on to discover Henderson Castle Inn, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast and more. If you are like me and love the Halloween season anytime of year, get your calendar and start planning your next spooky getaway!

Bourbon Orleans Hotel – Louisiana

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel First opened its doors as the Orleans Ballroom and Theater in 1815. The building was originally a place for the socialites of Louisiana Creole society to meet, greet, and of course dance. The luxurious Ballroom and Theater has also been an orphanage and a convent in its past life. Now though, it is an elegant place for visitors to stay, if you don’t mind ghosts in the lobby or the dancing woman in the ballroom.

I love dancing. There are times I won’t come off the dance floor at a club until the last song of the night ends. This dancing woman however is a whole other level.

Henderson Castle Inn – Michigan

The Henderson Castle Inn was built in 1895 and opened to the public in 2011. It was Frank Henderson’s dream home. 25 rooms, all created per his specifications. He was involved in every detail of its creation and liked to keep his eye on things, which may be why his ghost has been seen throughout the Inn.

This lovely establishment shares ghost themed cocktails and murder mystery dinners. They had me at themed cocktails.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – California

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is just that, Hollywood. The very first Academy Awards took place here in 1929. The view of the Hollywood sign from its lobby means no hiking needed.

You can also see several movie stars without leaving the hotel. Throughout the years, there have been sightings of Errol Flynn, Marilyn Monroe, and Montgomery Clift. Marilyn did live at the hotel for some time and some say she never left Suite 1200. I say Marilyn has very good taste!

Hotel Sorrento – Washington

The Hotel Sorrento opened its doors in 1909. The luxurious building became well known for its unique architecture. It was considered “odd” in 1909 but has become a favorite place to stay for many visitors, including their most famous visitor, the ghost of “Alice”.

Alice can often be seen wandering the halls of the hotel, especially around Room 408. It has been said that she causes lights to flicker and drinks to move around in the Dunbar Room. I’m not sure I want anyone, or anything, messing with my cocktail. Just saying.

Jekyll Island Club Resort – Georgia

Jekyll Island Club Resort was established as a hunting club in 1888. It was the top of the top for its members. In 1925 the first transcontinental phone call was made there, history in the making.

The Club became a Hotel in the 1980’s and that is when the encounters began. Hotel guests have been witness to a bellman knocking on room doors, coffee disappearing from their cup, cigar smoke in certain rooms where there have been no cigars and more. I am a fan of cigars but cigar smoke from nowhere is a big pass for me!

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast – Massachusetts

I am not a fan of murder houses but I grew up hearing the Borden family story, the song and that the double murder remains a mystery, I had to include the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast.

The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast offers rooms to stay, tours to take and museums to experience. Speaking of experiences: some visitors have reported being touched by an unseen hand, a tug on their clothes, and hearing whispers and giggling in the attic. 

Stanley Hotel

Did Stephen King brings the ghosts or did the ghosts bring Stephen King? If you have read the book or watched the movie The Shining then you already know about the Stanley Hotel and the eventful experiences had there.

The Stanley Hotel’s guests and staff have stated they often hear disembodied voices, are touched by something or someone that isn’t there and more. Are they the ghosts from the fire that started after an explosion in Room 217? Room 217 is said to be very active in the abnormal sense of the word. Although tidying up after me might not be the worst haunting to experience. I guess it depends how much of a slob you want to be on vacation. And did I mention their bar has over 1200 different whiskeys?! Yep, you can find me at the bar!

Top Haunted Hotels 2023

Thank you for joining me as we explored Top Haunted Hotels 2023. Together we discovered the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, the Hotel Sorrento, the Stanley Hotel and more. As we have found out all guests check in, but not all check out. Did your favorite haunted hotel make my list? If not, please share in the comments so I can add it to my must see list!

Looking for more things that go bump in the night? Check out my Blog Post Top Haunted Houses and Attractions 2023. There is still time to visit the Headless Horseman Haunted Hayride and Houses in New York. They have hayrides! Knott’s Scary Farm has been spooky for 50 years. They definitely know how to show ghouls a good time.

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