Top Haunted Wineries 2023

Hello and welcome to my next Travel Destination Guide: Top Haunted Wineries 2023. This Blog Post shares the spooky secrets of haunted wineries and some chilling experiences that happened within their walls. Read on to explore Argyle Winery, Beringer Vineyards, Miles Wine Cellars and more. Some of the wineries below have embraced where the past and paranormal collide and created wines in honor of their ghostly visitors. This destination guide is not for the faint of heart, but some wines are definenty worth it!

Argyle Winery – Oregon

The tasting room at Argyle Winery is known for its delicious wine and its dark past. The tasting room was once the Town Hall and is where a young woman took her own life. So the story goes anyway.

Employees and guests have reported flickering lights and the sound of footsteps heard when there is no one around. Footsteps get me every time! Because of these reports Argyle Winery have embraced the things that go bump and named their Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Rieslings after the ghost. Spirithouse and Spirit Hill anyone?! Looking for amazing ghost stories to go with your amazing wine, Argyle Winery is your place to be.

Belvoir Winery – Missouri

The Belvoir Winery had me at free wine tastings, adding several ghostly apparitions are the icing on the cake! The building where the winery / tasting room is now was once a hospital, nursing home and an orphanage.

There is a very long list of paranormal happenings at the Belvoir Winery. Footsteps and distant voices are particularly common and can be heard throughout the inn. Footsteps, again! Every staff member has a story. Doors slamming open and closed. Apparitions both big and small. Music playing, yes the keys on the piano move with no one around. Are these activities from the children, the hospital patients or are the bodies in the cemetery near by not resting in peace. I’ll let you decide.

Beringer Vineyards – California

Beringer Vineyards is home to the Rhine House built in 1884. The restoration of Frederik Beringer’s former residence has pushed the ghostly encounters over the top. Ghosts don’t like restoration or construction of any type, or so I have been told.

Employees keep a log of the paranormal happenings, and that list is rather long. Objects are thrown, mostly in Frederik’s room. Come on Fred, I just made the bed. Leave the covers alone! Apparitions walking the hallways. Furniture moving. Unexplained voices and footsteps. I am thinking footsteps is going to be a theme.

Howell’s Mainstreet Winery – Michigan

The building where Howell’s Mainstreet Winery now stand was a store built in the 19th century. One of the store clerks back then had a son named Thomas. It is said Thomas is the main ghost to haunt the winery. Can you card a ghost?

The new owners of the tasting room and several winery visitors have reported footsteps in empty rooms or areas. I am not a fan of footsteps, but voices might move to the top of my list! Voices from empty rooms. Furniture moving on its own. Cracking wine bottles. Wine bottles do crack but they do not crack the way the staff described.

Miles Wine Cellars – New York

Miles Wine Cellars is located in a mansion that was built in 1802 and overlooks Seneca Lake. You can have a wine tasting. A beer tasting. NO seances are permitted to take place on the property and ghost hunting is not allowed.

Miles Wine Cellars is embracing their otherworldly visitors and now produce a Ghost Wine, a Chardonnary and Cayuga blend. A tasty spirit to enjoy with the spirits. Staff and winery visitors have reported footsteps (always footsteps), doors opening and closing on their own, and blankets being pulled from beds. Its okay, I am old and hot all the time anyway. There is also a report of mist rising from the floor. If you are going with the mist activity please don’t remove my blanket. Please. One or the other, just saying.

The Winery at Biltmore Estates – North Carloina

Family celebrated their first hrsitmas on the Estate in 1895. The Winery at Biltmore Estates, the building was once a dairy barn, opened its doors for tastings and customers in 1985. The house and gardens hold many ghost stories reported by staff and visitors.

People have said they hear footsteps when no one else is around. They are ghosts, why would there be footsteps? If you haven’t figured out by now I am not a fan of hearing footsteps when there isn’t anyone actually living to make them. There are also reports of cold spots, doors opening and closing and flickering lights. But the one that gets me, is the sound of someone swimming in the pool. Yep, you guessed it, there isn’t anyone in the pool!

Top Haunted Wineries 2023

Thank you for joining me as we explored Top Haunted Wineries 2023. Together we discovered Belvoir Winery, Howell’s Mainstreet Winery, The Winery at Biltmore Estates and more. Some spirits don’t come in a bottle, but they do pair well with wine. Did your favorite haunted winery make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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