My Top SciFi Fantasy Movies per Decade

Hello and welcome to my list of My Top SciFi Fantasy Movies per Decade. There are so many amazing movie choices out there. It was hard work watching some of the most amazing movies ever made, but I was able to narrow my list to one each decade. These movies are a must see during your next movie marathon weekend. Let’s explore and discover as I share My Top SciFi Fantasy Movies per Decade.

1950’s – Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet was released in 1956. The special effects created throughout the movie are true to any SciFi Fantasy movie to this day. The movie’s plot was the first to have humans travel in a faster than light space ship and to land on another planet. That may not sound like much but, remember in 1956 there was no CGI! Forbidden planet also had Robby the Robot. A robot with a distinct personality and strong supporting cast role within the movie. So many firsts in the SciFi Fantasy movie industry. Share your first movie that made you go WOW! Photo courtesy of IMDB.

1960’s – 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey was released in 1968. This movie is a cult classic that, for most fans, leaves us with more questions than answers. For myself, those questions made it a better movie to experience. The movie chronicles a space expedition team responding to a signal being sent from Jupiter. This space adventure part takes place after showing a segment, about twenty minutes long, entitled The Dawn of Man. I waited it out the twenty minutes and kept watching and I am glad I hug in until the end. 2001: A Space Odyssey has been hailed one of the greatest films ever made. For some it is hailed one of the most boring.

HAL doesn’t think it is boring. Speaking of HAL, when was the last time you saw a big red button in a movie? Someone was very creative and had a futuristic vision. Soak in the special effects throughout the movie. Have you seen them before? Space exploration was a dream. No one had even landed on the moon at the time of this film’s release. Have you seen the movie? Do you vote greatest film ever made or most boring film ever made? Photo courtesy of IMDB.

1970’s – Alien

The movie Alien was released in 1979 at the opening night of the Seattle International Film Festival. It is a science fiction horror film that follows the crew of a commercial space tug onboard the Nostromo. Alien being a science fiction horror movie lets us all know front the start that the crew and their first contact with an alien does not go so well. The film is a cult classic and its success at the box office lead to additional movies, novels, comic books, video games and so much more. Warrant Office Ripley is my hero. That cat though?! What are your thoughts about Jonesy? Photo courtesy of IMDb.

1980’s – The Fly

The movie The Fly was originally released in 1958. And I have to admit, I really liked the fly guy at the end of the movie but, the version released in 1986 is my favorite. Come on, it has Jeff Goldblum! Scientist Seth Brundle has created a teleportation device. Determined to be successful with his creation Brundle decides to teleport himself. Point A to Point B, success! Or was it. The transformation of Goldblum from human to insect was amazing to watch. Don’t just take my word for it, the movie’s Chris Walas and Stephan Dupius won an Academy Award for Best Makeup. How far would you go for success? Photo courtesy of IMDB.

1990’s – The Matrix

The Matrix, first of the franchise, was released in 1999. And when I say first of the franchise I mean to say: before all of sequel films, animated short films, video games and comic books. Dystopian future. Simulated reality. Humans as energy sources. Rebellion against the machines. The film offers drama, fight scenes, plot twists and an ultimate betrayal. Academy award winner for Best Film Editing, Best Sound, Best Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects. It is a treat for the senses and may have you questioning your reality? Is this live or is this The Matrix? Photo courtesy of IMDB.

2000’s – Serenity

Serenity, a space western type movie, was released in 2005. The film is a continuation of the SciFi Fantasy TV Series Firefly that aired in 2002. Yes, Firefly only had One Season. I loved the television series so instantly fell in love with the movie. If action packed is your type of film this is the one for you. Space travel. Space pirates. Something shiny. And someone with a deadly secret. I love all of the twists and turns and I discover something new each time I watch it. What is your favorite TV series that only had one season? Photo courtesy of IMDB.

2010’s – Inception

Inception, a science fiction action movie, was released in 2010. I have watched the movie several times since it’s release and still can’t wrap my head around the ending. Academy award winner for Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Visual Effects. The movie follows Don Cobb, a professional thief. Why follow a thief you might ask? What Don steals is information from your subconscious by entering your dreams. As we quickly discover sometimes it is hard to differentiate dreams from reality. Let me know if you want to talk movie ending? I would love your ideas and input. Photos courtesy of IMDB.

2020’s – The Invisible Man

The first Invisible Man was released in 1933. The Hollow Man, an Invisible Man remake, was released in 2000 and is an amazing movie to watch. But, The Invisible Man released in 2020 is my favorite version so far. The drama. The twists and turns. The special effects. The science! I wonder how far away, or close, we are to invisibility? Sometimes what you can’t see can hurt you. Photo courtesy of IMDB

My Top SciFi Fantasy Movies per Decade

Thank you for joining me as we explored My Top SciFi and Fantasy Movies per Decade. Together we discovered Space travel. Space exploration. Scientific experimentation. Parallel dimensions. And more, all from the comfort of our own couch! Have you movie marathoned lately? What was your movie list for your marathon?

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