Amazing Traveling Adventures – Kentucky

Hello and welcome to my blog post: Amazing Travel Adventures – Kentucky. This destination travel guide shares Kentucky’s finest things to do and see. Read on to explore Daniel Boone National Forest, Cumberland Falls State Park and so much more. There is more than racing, bourbon and bluegrass in the state of Kentucky, but I am rather partial to their bourbon!


Daniel Boone National Forest spreads across 21 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky. The forest covers over 700,000 acres of land and has more than 600 miles of trails for backpacking, biking and hiking. Their website states they have over 100 developed recreation sites include campgrounds, picnic areas and boat ramps. Sounds like they have something for everyone. To learn more and start planning your amazing travel adventure click here.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park covers over 1600 acres in the south east part of Kentucky. This amazing adventure Park can be found within Daniel Boone National Forest. It is host to the breathtaking Cumberland Falls waterfall, which stands over 60 feet high and is a must see in person adventure. The visitor’s center shares prices and schedules about all they have to offer. The resort has tennis courts, horseback riding trails, white water rafting and more. So many amazing adventures to be discovered. Click here to learn more.

Louisville Slugger Museum

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory shares a long history with sports in general. Put this museum on your must see list and explore Louisville Slugger bats and their role in one of America’s favorite sport that goes back decades. The first Louisville Slugger bat was created in 1855. Visit the factory to see how baseball bats are made. Then you can stroll through the museum’s interesting and fascinating exhibits – they even have a limestone baseball glove! For more information click here

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, that opened its doors in 1926, was once dedicated to healing patients suffering from tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was very contagious and incurable (until 1943) disease that swept through the country claiming many victims. The number of cases, patients lowered until there wasn’t a need for the sanatorium. It was finally abandoned and is now under the care of The Waverly Hills Historical Society. It has become known as one of “the most haunted places on earth”. The WHHS now runs tours and investigations sharing education and history and something that goes bump in the night. For more information and start planning your amazing haunted adventure visit their website here.

Vent Haven Museum

The Vent Haven Museum is home to a large variety of ventriloquism artifacts. The museum got it’s start from William Shakespeare Berger’s collection and has grown for over 60 decades. Visiting Kentucky in July? Be sure to stop by the annual ventriloquist convention at Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport in Erlanger, Kentucky. For more information visit the museum’s website here. To buy tickets or learn more about the convention visit

Amazing Travel Adventures – Kentucky

Thank you for joining me as we explored Amazing Travel Adventures in Kentucky. When thinking of somewhere to go that has it all: amazing outdoors, sports history, ghosts and museums I hope you choose Kentucky. Let me know if your favorite Kentucky adventures did not make it onto my list. If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures. I am curiouser and curiouser.

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