Amazing Travel Adventures – Indiana

Hello, and welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures – Indiana. Together we can explore McCormick’s Creek State Park, Clifty Falls State Park, Upper Cataracts Falls and so much more. Planning your next vacation or day trip get-away to Indiana starts right here. There is definitely more to Indiana than cornfields. Let’s travel Indiana style.

McCormick’s Creek State Park

McCormick’s Creek State Park was dedicated during the state’s centennial celebration in 1916. The Park covers almost 2,000 acres offering hiking trails, limestone canyons, waterfalls, wildflowers and so much more. Too much to cover in one day; visit their website and make reservations for one of their many campgrounds, cabins or Comfort Inn. I vote for Glamping in the cabins! Check out their website to find concerts and other annual special events to attend.

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park is nestled on 1,416 acres in Jefferson County, Indiana. The Park’s many waterfalls can change moods with the weather. Roaring rapids, tranquil streams or completely frozen depending on the time of year and how much rainfall has occurred. I highly recommend visiting whatever season you will admire the most! Clifty Falls State Park is an amazing travel adventure all year round.

Find the Park’s visiting hours, pool times(did I forget to mention there is a pool), maps, history or more, here. Get your hiking shoes, bathing suit and camera ready!

Marengo Cave

Marengo Cave is privately owned and operated in Marengo, Indiana. The Cave has been offering public tours since 1883. There are two options for tours, The Crystal Palace tour and the Dripstone Train Tour. Covering over 100 miles and over 4,000 caves to explore you can’t lose which tour you choose. Did you see what I did there! The Crystal Palace tour is shorter in length compared to the Dripstone tour but just as awesome! I love the Dripstone Tour because you can throw a coin to the ceiling, the coin always sticks, and hopefully your wish comes true. The cave is open year-round, with only a few holiday exceptions, and tours are also offered year-round. Click here to start planning your Marengo Cave adventure.

Monument Circle

Monument Circle, officially called Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument, can be found in the center of Downtown Indianapolis. Standing over 280 feet tall it is hard to miss during your Indiana adventure but beautiful to see and experience. The largest outdoor memorial of its kind in Indiana, was designed by Bruno Schmitz and took over 13 years to complete. The Circle is dedicated to the common Hoosier soldiers from all wars and conflicts. Explore the architecture, view the memorabilia, hear the history and more. Click here to learn more and see the special events schedule.

NCAA Hall of Champions

Did you know there are 24 NCAA sports represented in the NCAA Hall of Champions? That is a lot of sports housed in one building. Alright, it is technically a 3 building complex. The Hall building is an interactive museum. There is also a conference center building and a corporate headquarters building for the NCAA. See why I am not really including those other 2 buildings in detail. For me it is all about the museum and sports history. The 1st floor of the museum shares sports trivia challenges, current team rankings for all sports and both current and old video highlights with memorabilia. The 2nd floor is the interactive, sports simulator part of the museum. Experience a 1930s retro gymnasium, ski simulator and more. Are you NCAA Sports Level? Try it and find out. Click here to start planning your amazing travel advenutre to the NCAA Hall of Champions.

Hall of Heroes

Now let’s go from the Hall of Champions to the Hall of Heroes. The Hall of Heroes, locate din Elkhart, Indiana, is a Superhero and comic book museum. They had me at Superhero. The Hall covers decades of comics, films, superheroes, toys and more. Their website states they have the largest collections of superhero memorabilia, art, and comics in the U.S., if not the world. With over 70,000 comic books, over 10,000 toys, figures, props and original art pages, Hall of Heroes has something for everyone. To get your geek on visit their website.

Amazing Adventures – Indiana

Thank you for joining me as we discovered Amazing Adventures – Indiana. Together we discovered Indiana’s Monument Circle, NCAA Hall of Champions, Hall of Heroes and so much more. Did your favorite Amazing Travel Adventure – Indiana make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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