Amazing Travel Adventures – Idaho

Hello, and welcome to Amazing Traveling Adventures – Idaho. This travel destination guide shares Borah Peak, the Snake River, Minnetonka Caves and so much more. Start planning your next vacation or getaway to Idaho. Let’s travel Idaho style!

Borah Peak

On top of the world! Okay, maybe not the world but, it is the top of Idaho. Borah Peak aka Mount Borah aka Beauty Peak can be found within the Challis National Forest and is a part of the Lost River Range. The peak of Borah Peak is over 12,000 feet and is one of the best know ranges in the United States. The Mount Borah Peak trail is over 8 miles round trip and is a challenging hike. Visit their website here for maps, history, other nearby hiking recommendations and more.

Snake River

The Snake River is the largest river in North America that empties into the Pacific Ocean. The river is over 1,000 miles long and offers so many amazing adventures to all that visit. Nature at its finest any time of year shares her breathtaking scenery, wildlife, history and more. Hiking and fishing were at the top of my must see and do list when I visited. I also enjoyed the hot spring huts located near the river’s edge. Jump in the hot spring. Get out and then jump in the river. Jump in the hot spring. Get out and then jump in the river. What was I thinking?! I highly recommend ending with a jump in the hot spring. Yes, I choose to end warm. Would you need warm? Or Cold? If this amazing travel adventure tops your list click this link to start planning your next Idaho getaway.

Minnetonka Caves

Located within the Caribou National Forest the Minnetonka Caves are some of the larger limestone caves that can be explored throughout Idaho. What are limestone caves you ask? Limestone caves are underground caverns formed by ground water flowing through limestone and carving sink-holes and underground waterways. And if that wasn’t beautiful enough, the drip formations are breathtaking.The tours can be a bit breathtaking as well. Over 800 steps into and out of the caverns and the temperature is a brisk 40 degrees Celsius. 40 degrees takes my breath away just thinking about it! Visiting the caves is a seasonal adventure. They are open Memorial Weekend through Labor Day. Click here to see tours, hours, fees and more.

Freak Alley Gallery

Looking to discover amazing travel adventures in Idaho without your hiking boots? I highly recommend exploring Freak Alley Gallery located between 8th / 9th street and Bannock / Idaho street in downtown Boise. This outdoor art gallery displays a diverse, ever-changing collection of murals. And, it is free!

The first drawing was created by Colby Akers on the back alley doorway of Moon’s Cafe in 2002. The largest outdoor gallery experience has been growing ever since. Murals and graffiti-inspired artwork extend well beyond the Moon’s Cafe doorway. The entire alley is now filled with art created by hundreds of artists. Select artists add new works of art every year, creating an ever growing and changing experience to the gallery. Each summer a large painting event is held which allows artists and community members to be apart of the Freak Alley Gallery as it transforms. Wanting to be a part? As of 2020, Melissa Nodzu is the new face of Freak Alley. She can be contacted at

Amazing Travel Adventures – Idaho

Thank you for joing me as we explored Amazing Travel Adventures – Idaho. Together we discovered hiking trails, rivers, outdoor galleries and more. I hope sharing some of my favorite’s things Idaho has inspired you to begin planning your next vacation or day trip to Boise, or Harrison, or Sun Valley or whenever the adventure takes you. Did your favorite Amazing Travel Adventure – Idaho must see location make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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