Best October Themed Cocktails

Hello and Welcome to Best October Themed Cocktails. Where has the year gone? I love October! Autumn is my favorite time of year. Here are a couple of my favorite October themed Cocktails. Discover: Ghost in a Glass, Boo Berry Cocktail and more. Cheers to the season of Autumn and the Best October Themed Cocktails.

Ghost in a Glass

The Ghost in a Glass cocktail reminds me of Ghostbusters’ Slimer. Ectoplasma anyone?

Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add 2 ounces Peach Schnapps and 2 ounces Midori Melon Liqueur. Cover and shake until cocktail shaker is frosty and most of the ice has melted.

Strain ingredients into chilled Martini glass. Add 4-5 drops of Bailey’s Irish Cream and watch the transformation begin. Cheers to slime!

Boo Berry Cocktail

The Boo Berry Cocktail is the adult version of Boo Berry Cereal…. Who am I kidding, I still love eating Boo Berry Cereal!

Add 2 ounces Blood Sweat Tears Vodka (distilled in Eugene Oregon), 1 ounce lemon juice and 2 ounces Sidetrack Distillery Blueberry Liqueur. Cover and shake cocktail shaker until it is frosty and most of the ice has melted.

Strain ingredients into cocktail glass filled with ice. Top off with 7up.

Candy Corn Martini

Oh, Candy Corn, are you a trick or a treat? Some people love you, some people not so much. Before you give up on Candy Corn completely, I recommend giving this Candy Corn Martini a try.

Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add 2 ounce Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, 2 ounce Sweet & Sour Mix and 2 ounce pineapple juice. Cover and shake until shaker becomes frosty and most of the ice has melted.

Strain ingredients into chilled Martini glass. Pour 1/2 ounce Rose’s Grenadine into center of cocktail. The grenadine will sink to the bottom. Top off with Cool Whip Whipped Cream, amount as desired. Cheers to liking Candy Corn!

Apple Harvest Cocktail

Harvest Time is the BEST time! I can’t wait for Fall Festivals to begin. It’s so much fun to go and pick out my pumpkin, wander around the maze and enjoy Apple Harvest Cocktails.

Place 1 sugar cube in cocktail glass. Add 3-4 dashes of Fee Brothers Orange Bitters. Muddle and mix those ingredients in the glass. Fill cocktail glass with ice cubes. Add 2 ounces Laird’s Apple Jack Brandy and top off with 7up. Stir well. It’s Autumn in a glass!

Best October Themed Cocktails

Thank you for exploring Best October Themed Cocktails with me. Together we discover Apple Harvest Cocktails, Candy Corn Martinis and so much more. So much deliciousness! So excited for Autumn days and nights. What is your favorite time if year?

Did your favorite October cocktail make my list? If not, please share your recipe(s) in the comments below. I love discovering new treasures.

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