Amazing Travel Adventures – Jordan

Hello and welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures – Jordan. This travel destination guide shares The Lost City. Wadi Rumi Desert. And so much more. The history. The beauty. The adventures. Read on to start planning your next vacation or getaway Jordan style.

Petra, contrary to popular belief, is a very practical site to visit. One should first buy a visitors ticket in the nearby town “Mora Mora”. The ticket costs around 90 Jordanian Dinars (a pretty hefty, but worth-it fee) and head to Petra. In Mora Mora you can book high quality hostels that even serve breakfast. Most are walking distance from the main attractions of the site.

The Lost City – Petra Jordan

The Lost City was created thousands of years ago. It was carved directly into vibrant sandstone cliff faces. Colors of pink, red and white can be seen throughout the city. The city of ruins are located in the Southwestern part of Jordan. The area was once the capital of the ancient Nabataean civilization.

It has a complex system of aqueducts, tunnels and several sites with different functionalities that are all connected and decorated with the utmost detail.

The Treasury – Petra Jordan

Petra is an archeological site carved in stone. The site was created in the third century by a middle-eastern civilization called the Nabateans. The Nabateans are deemed today as one of the most expert civilizations in stone carving, decoration and city planning. Petra not only had to be planned visually, it had to function as a treasury, sacrifice site, and one of the main points where the Nabateans used to live.

Wadi Rum Desert – Jordan

The Wadi Rum desert is another ecotouristic attraction where one can see the wonders of the desert and check out the amazing rock formations and the other landscape wonders that the place has to offer. You can even hire a professional to help you ride a camel and really live an immersive experience.

The Dead Sea – Jordan

Another great attraction that people often don’t relate to Jordan is the Dead Sea, this attraction is a great contrast to a rough day of walking around in Petra. Due to the heavy minerals, mainly salt, that are present in the water, one can lay on their back and float in the calm waters without any effort. Tourists often rub the mud from the place over their bodies, which exfoliates the skin and makes for an excellent natural spa day.

Cave Bar – Jordan

Cave Bar is located within the Petra Guest House in Wadi Musa, Jordan. The Cave Bar boosts the oldest bar in the world established over 2000 years ago. Originally built as a tomb, yes you will be drinking cocktails in a tomb, it is known for its night life and history.

Amazing Travel Adventures – Jordan

Thank you for joining me and discovering Amazing Travel Adventures – Jordan. There is so much to see and do in Jordan. Amazing attractions. Excellent food. A very developed tourist-oriented industry. A guarantee to make your stay a great experience. However short or long you decide to make it.

Let me know if you have already visited Petra before, your experience is valuable to enrich my Amazing Travel Adventures blog posts, and if you haven’t, through some research and planning you can book an affordable flight to Jordan and visit all of the amazing attractions in this post!

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