Can’t Miss Events – Crypticon Seattle

REPOST: Hello and welcome to Can’t Miss Events – Crypticon Seattle. This Travel Destination Guide is celebrating SciFi and Fantasy’s darker side. This event was held August 27 – 29, 2021. Their new event date for 2022 will be held May 20 – May 22. Are you traveling to the convention this year? Read on to explore and discover the amazing adventures Crypticon Seattle 2021 had to offer.

Crypticon Seattle

1. Crypticon Seattle is an annual event that takes place at the Double Tree Hotel in Seattle, Washington. Their website states Crypticon welcomes and supports all types of dark art. Dark Fantasy? Check! Goth? Check! Vampires? Check! Zombies? Check! Time to let your dark side fly!

2. The event usually takes place in early May of each year, but… I know, I know, when will we get back to normal. I myself think normal is overrated. The new event dates are August 27 – 29, 2021. Masks will be required in public spaces and proof of your vaccination must be available upon request. All photos courtesy of Crypticon Seattle.

3. Check out their website at or click here. Gold VIP tickets are $185. Adult Weekend tickets are $60. Adult Saturday Only tickets are $30. Reserve a room to complete your weekend getaway. The fun awaits.

Celebrity Guest – Felissa Rose

1. Celebrity guest Felissa Rose will be at Crypticon Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Felissa is an American born actress and producer.

2. She made her debut as Angela Baker in Sleepaway Camp (1983). If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading. Go watch the movie and come back. You can thank me later. Photos are courtesy of IMDB.

3. Horror themed movies with Felissa Rose after Sleepaway Camp include: Knifecorp, The Special, Tales of Halloween, Victor Crowley and so many more. They are all weekend binge watching worthy!

Celebrity Guest – David Naughton

1. Crypticon celebrity guest David Naughton will be in attendance Friday, Saturday and Sunday. David is an American born actor, voice actor and singer.

2. His Film and TV roles have included American Horror Story, The Twilight Zone, Body Bags, The Hatred and my favorite American Werewolf in London. Photos shown are courtesy of IMDB.

3. Panel schedules featuring the celebrity guests are not on the event’s website at the time of this post. Check for updates at or click here.

Celebrity Guest – Tim Peirson

1. Tim Peirson will be a celebrity guest at Crypticon Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tim has been a special effects and character artists for over 35 years.

2. His amazing make up effects can be seen in the movie Frayed and on episodes of Z Nation, Journey Quest and my favorite series Birch, to name a few. All photos courtesy of IMBD.

3. Movies and TV shows would not be what they are today if not for special effects. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories behind the makeup at Crypticon.

Can’t Miss Events – Crypticon

Thank you for joining me in exploring and discovering Can’t Miss Events – Crypticon Seattle. Crypticon shares a darker side of the science fiction and fantasy world. The event offers celebrity guests, artistic vendors, creative cosplay and so much more. Are you a horror movie fan? Crypticon is the place for you. Have you watched Sleepaway Camp, American Werewolf in London, Z Nation or Birch? What horror movie is your favorite? Please share in the comments.

Looking for more fun while attending Crypticon and visiting Washington? Check out my blog post A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Washington or click here. Explore and discover Olympic National Park, Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, The Fremont Troll and more. Washington showcases the Pacific Northwest at its finest.

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