Amazing Adventures – My King Con Experience

Hello and welcome to Amazing Adventures – My King Con Experience. Read on to explore the amazing adventures I discovered at the King Con event. The convention took place October 29 – 30, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington. It was a fun filled weekend of adventures. Special guests. Cosplay. Vendors. And so much more. Let’s explore my King Con Experience.

King Con NW

King Con NW is an event for all ages and fandoms. The convention offered comic book creators, cosplayers, amazing vendors, panels and so much. Looking for an event to experience, to learn and to love? King Con NW’s next event is scheduled to take place October 28 – 30, 2022. Visit their website at to start planning your amazing adventure.

King Con Special Guest Stephen C Smith

King Con’s featured guest was Steven C Smith. Steven is a NASA Education Specialist. He is currently working with NASA’s Educator Professional Development Collaborative (EPDC) at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. He said during his panel he is currently looking to students currently in classrooms to be the first footprint on Mars. Timeframe for blastoff to Mars is the 2030’s. I’m as much a science fan as I am science fiction fan!

King Con Special Guest Rico E Anderson

Rico E Anderson was a special guest at King Con. Rico is an award winning actor, artist, producer and overall nice guy. It was a pleasure to talk shop, past roles and current projects. To learn more about “that guy” (his quote not mine) visit his website at

King Con Cosplay

King Con hosted a cosplay contest, cosplay panels and an amazing cosplay community. I do not have names for the cosplayers in the top left. If you know them please tag them.

Top right is offering costumes, cosplay and tutorials.

Bottom left as Betty and Wilma is @colleencolemodel on Instagram and

King Con Adventia

Geek Fortress was the host for the Table Top Gaming room. Geek Fortress is a game store located in Snohomish, Washington. Their store specializes in strategy card and board games. To view their event calendar visit

King Con Scientia

The area designated for Scientia held several amazing creations.

Top left’s great ball contraption design & builds is from John Sherman. To see more click links for YouTube, Instagram, building instructions and more at

Top right features Newport Robotics Group. Attendees were given the opportunity to drive their robot. The robot consisted of a drive base, intake system and shooter. To learn more about NRG and view their latest and greatest creations in motion visit

Bottom left is showcasing MBase Modular Space Station Systems. Lego MarsBase was crated to build and explore S.T.E.M concepts. To build more visit and explore Mars research, base, travel and more.

King Con Make Up Artists

Zombie transformation panel was hosted by Kenneth Calhoun and Tim Pierson.

Kenneth Calhoun is a makeup artist, special effects artists, hair effects, prosthetics and so much more. To view his creations and to learn more about the artist visit his Instagram @superkenfx and be prepared to be amazed.

Tim Peirson from Cast of Thousands Studio has been a special effects and character for over 30 years. His specialties include beauty art, body sculptor, maker and more. Check out his creations on Instagram @castofthousandsstudio. I am sure you will recognize a creation or two.

King Con Vendors

King Con Vendors offered so much creativeness. Clockwise from the upper left:

Their website

Click here to visit

Epona Tenjou Productions can be found on FaceBook

Latest designs and creations

Contact info / events

Art by Lori Collins found at

Art by Talis X found at

The Gurreck Clan can be found on Instagram @gurreckclan

King Con Vendors

Clockwise from upper left:

Can you say stickers?! Visit

Author & artist

Darth Stitch Designs can be found on FaceBook

Creative items you didn’t know you needed

C and F 3D Printing can be found on Etsy

Monkey House Studio coloring pages can be found on Etsy

King Con Vendors

Clockwise from upper left:

Check out @seattledinosaurfamily on Instagram

Visit @macy.mama on Instagram

I did not get this vendor’s name in the photo; please tag

The Lore Stalker series

Akiva written by Chase Hull Illustrated by Lydia Bliss

Author and artist @mattdinniman on Instagram

Illustrator & graphic designer @trevorkyler on Instagram

Middle: demsapplesartistry on Instagram, commissions

King Con at the Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle Seaport. Located at 1053 Lake Washington Blvd. North, Renton, Washington. The event rate for the room for the weekend was $144 a night. Waterfront views required an upgrade fee. I figured I wasn’t going to be in my room except to sleep and shower so no upgrade. Stepping out on the dock or eating in the Water’s Table restaurant allowed guests to view the waterfront.

The two queen beds room was very spacious. The modern bathroom had separators for the toilet area and shower area. The shower head was high and I did not have to bend awkwardly to shampoo my hair (I am 6 feet tall if that helps with the height of the shower head). The toilet bowl after flushing kept running. It required a juggle to make the water stop running. Not a nuisance after I figured out how to stop the running water. The water for the shower never got hot. It was warm and tolerable to shower in but never reached a hot temperature. Another water pressure issue? Not sure.

Amazing Adventures – My King Con Experience

Thank you for joining me as I shared Amazing Adventures – My King Con Experience. It was an amazing weekend overall. I have heard ticket sales topped over 1000 attendees. The Con remained small and not crowded. I love smaller cons. It allows for more interaction with the special guests, panel members, cosplayers and other attendees. I highly recommend attending King Con NW. Start planning your amazing adventure at

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Until Next Time,

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