C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – South Dakota

Hello and welcome to this week’s travel destination guide sharing Can’t Miss Events – South Dakota. South Dakota has sci-if and fantasy conventions, film festivals and community music festivals that can’t be missed. There is so much to see and do South Dakota style! Let’s travel.

Black Hills Con – South Dakota

1. Black Hills Con is an event for pop-culture, anime, sci-fi and fantasy fans of all ages. The 2021 event is scheduled to take place at the Holiday Inn Rapid City – Rushmore Plaza in Rapid City, South Dakota.

2. Black Hills Con’s next can’t miss events is scheduled to take place June 18 – 19, 2021. Adult Weekend Tickets are $60. Adult Single Day Tickets are $35.

3. For event updates and more information visit their website at www.BlackHillsCon.com or click here. Photos are courtesy of Black Hills Con.

South Dakota Film Festival – South Dakota

1. South Dakota Film Festival’s can’t miss event is usually held in Aberdeen, South Dakota. The Capitol Theater showcases the festival line up, except 2020 and 2021.

2. The Film Festival is scheduled to take place September 16 – 25, 2021. The Festival has decided to keep the event online for 2021. Ticket prices for screenings were not available at the time of this posting.

3. Event updates, film line ups and for more festival information visit www.southdakotafilmfest.org or click here. Photos courtesy of South Dakota Film Festival.

SiouxperCon – South Dakota

1. SiouxperCon is a can’t miss event for fans of anime, comic books, gaming and my favorite, Cosplay! The event is actually a charity, and all proceeds from the event benefit the Sioux Falls Community. Community helping community.

2. Their next can’t miss event is scheduled to take place October 1 – 3, 2021. Their website states ticket sales will be coming this spring. Past event tickets were $10.

3. Updates for ticket prices, celebrity guests and for more con information check out www.siuoxpercon.com or click here. Photos are courtesy of SiouxperCon.

Oahe Days – South Dakota

1. Oahe Days Music and Art Festival is building pride through community celebration. This can’t miss event is held at Steamboat Park in Pierre, South Dakota. 2 full days of music, vendors, food and fun.

2. The Festival’s next scheduled event will be June 18 – 19, 2021. Admission is FREE!

3. To see the stage line up, hours and activities visit www.oahedays.com or click here. Photos courtesy of Oahe Days.

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – South Dakota

Thanks for traveling with me as we discovered Can’t Miss Events – South Dakota. South Dakota has an amazing creative community. Oahe Days shares with its community, music, art, food and so much more. SiouxperCon is another can’t miss event that shares with its community as well. People helping and supporting people gets my vote and placed on my a few of my favorite things list. Did your favorite can’t miss event South Dakota make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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