Can’t Miss Conventions – Kansas

Hello, and welcome to the next edition of my Travel Destination Guide. This week’s Can’t Miss Conventions is all about Kansas.

I will be sharing what Kansas has to offer. There is quite a selection of conventions to attend while vacationing or day tripping in Kansas. Yes, there are Wizard of Oz Conventions to attend but I included some things Dorothy in my A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Kansas. Read my blog post or click here to see the many amazing travel adventures Kansas has to offer.


First let’s head to the Capital City for a weekend of fun. TopCon Pop Expo’s website states the event can take place annually in cooperation with numerous community organizations in the renovation, revitalization and promotion of the Beautiful Capital City of Kansas.

1. TopCon Pop Expo is the original Northeast Kansas Pop Culture, Cosplay, Gaming and Screen Exposition.

2. TopCon Pop Expo’s next event is scheduled to take place September 18 – 19, 2021. Advanced Adult single day tickets are $8. Adult single day tickets at the door are $12.

3. For more information and event updates visit their website at or click here.


Next let’s head to the Meteor Capital of the World. SmallvilleCon is a celebration of all things pop culture, comic books, cosplay, special events, celebrity guests, artists and over 130 vender booths. A large selection of Geek Life things to do and see.

1. Smallville Comic Con is held in Hutchinson, Kansas. Hutchinson is the setting for the TV show Smallville a fictional town best know for one of its residents – Superman.

2. Smallville Comic Con’s next event is scheduled to take place June 19 – 20, 2021. Current ticket prices are not listed on their website. Past Adult Two Day tickets were $25. Adult VIP tickets with Fast Pass were $95.

3. For more information and event updates visit their website at or click here.

Can’t Miss Conventions – Kansas

This week’s C Stands for Can’t Miss Conventions featured TopCON Pop and Smallville Comic Con. Did your favorite make my list? If not share your favorite(s) in the comments. Geek Life!

Thank you for reading Can’t Miss Conventions – Kansas. I hope reading the my Kansas series of Amazing Travel Adventures, Best Food and Drinks, and Can’t Miss Conventions has inspired you to start planning your next vacation or day getaway to Kansas.

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