Wednesday Wonders – Seattle Space Needle

I Wonder if there is a Wheedle on the Needle? Read this post to find out! In this Wonder Lesch blog post I will be sharing with you a city landmark and icon for Seattle, Washington, The Space Needle. This observation tower was once the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River upon its completion in 1962. This historical observation tower was built for show during the 1962 World’s Fair – Exposition. The theme of the fair was The Age of Space and the Space Needle was the talk of the fair. The saucer shaped observation tower rotates 360 degrees giving observers an amazing panoramic view of the downtown Seattle skyline, the Cascade Mountains, the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainer, Elliot Bay and surrounding islands of Puget Sound. The tower stands over 600 feet high, it is over 130 feet wide and weighs over 9,000 tons. It was estimated 20,000 people a day used the elevator to rise to the top of the world and view Seattle and all of its Wonders during that World’s Fair – Exposition.

Space Needle, Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington

The Space Needle foundation was created through a continuous pouring of cement, over 460 cement trucks poured their cement into a hole 30 feet deep and 120 feet wide. The foundation of the Space Needle weighs as much as the entire observation tower. The structure was designed by John Graham & Company and construction managed by Howard S. Wright Construction Company. The Space Needle can withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour and earthquakes up to magnitudes 9.0 and below without structurally damaging the building. In 1989 KING-TV’s Almost Live! reported in a news bulletin that The Space Needle had fallen. The live broadcast showed the tower in ruins on the ground. It was an Almost Live comedy show spoof and a very elaborate April Fools prank.

New Year’s Eve celebration fireworks, Space Needle, Seattle, Washington. I think I see a Wheedle!

On New Year’s Eve, the Space Needle celebrates with a fireworks show at midnight that is synchronized to music. It is a beautiful sight to behold. The fireworks display planned for 2020 was canceled secondary to high winds and a laser light show was displayed at midnight instead. Do you have a special place you go to and watch fireworks? My Wednesday Wonders blog post – New Year’s Food and Fireworks takes you on a virtual tour of celebrations around the world. So much to see!

The Space Needle offers a 360 Sunset at the Top experience package. This package requires a reservation and includes admission to the Space Needle. Reserved seating on the upper observation deck. Four wine tastings. Four paired bites. Not the reservation type. You can enjoy small bites, sandwiches, burgers, local beer, local wine and coffee at Atmos Cafe open during normal business hours.

Can you see the Wheedle on the Needle? Space Needle, Seattle, Washington

Wednesday Wonders – Seattle Space Needle

Thank you for joining me in my exploring the designated Seattle Landmark called The Space Needle. Regarding the Wheedle on the Needle? Stephen Cosgrove says in his book “There’s a Wheedle on the Needle, I know just what you are thinking. But if you look up late at night, you’ll see his red nose blinking”.


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