Alabama slammer

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Alabama

Hello and Welcome to my Travel Destination Guide sharing Can't Miss Events - Alabama. I love all types of Can't Miss Events but prefer Sci-Fi Conventions the most so my list might be a bit biased. Conventions are a great way to meet a variety of guests including actors, extras, directors, authors, artists and voice actors. Artist Alley and Cosplay characters are where your creative light can s[...]

B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks – Alabama

This week's Foodie and Cocktail Travel Guide shares Best Food and Best Drinks - Alabama. From fresh Farmhouse Hash to an amazing Breakfast Buffet, Alabama is a Foodie Lovers dream come true. And the cocktails! Let's just say Alabama loves its Amaretto. Travel with me to Best Food and Best Drinks Alabama style! Best Food - Alabama First Alabama Foodie Stop is First Watch. First Watch, The Daytime[...]