B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks – Colorado

Hello and welcome to Best Food and Best Drinks – Colorado. This travel destination guide shares Colorado’s Best Brunch locations. Colorado’s Best state themed cocktail recipes. Colorado’s Best bars. Let’s explore and discover Colorado style.

Best Food – Colorado

The Breakfast Queen is located in Englewood, Colorado. Their website states they specialize in classic American and Mexican breakfast and lunch. Discovering these Best Food items I know they specialize in delicious. Check out more of their menu selections at www.thebreakfastqueen.com or click here. All photos are courtesy of The Breakfast Queen.

1. Mass Confusion: Half order of biscuits & gravy with two eggs of your choice. Topped with cheddar cheese and bacon. Served with hash browns.

2. Hashinator: Home made corned beef on top of hash browns with onions and peppers. Topped with your choice of eggs.

3. Mountain Main Skillet: Eggs with jalapeño sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. Smothered in green chili.

Best Food – Colorado

The Rainbow Restaurant is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their website states they are a colorful breakfast & lunch restaurant. They specialize in vegan and gluten-free selections and amazing cocktails. Menus items can be found at www.rainbowfoco.com or click here. Photos below are courtesy of The Rainbow Restaurant.

1. Sweet Potato Burrito: Sweet potatoes, cilantro, black beans, scrambles eggs, roasted popblanos and jack cheese. Smothered in red chili and topped with cilantro crema. Garnished with lettuce, tomatoes & onions.

2. Rainbow French Toast: Freshly baked wheat bread grilled to perfection. Topped with fresh fruit and walnuts.

3. Philly Scramble: Two scrambled eggs, Jack cheese, cream cheese, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. Served with grilled potatoes and choice of toast.

Best Drinks – Colorado

The origin of the Colorado Bulldog cocktail creates debate. Did this delicious twist of an old favorite originate in Russia? Most people from Colorado would say no. Current students and alumni of the University of Colorado would say hell no! Either way, Cheers to Bulldogs!

1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add 2 ounces cream, 2 ounces vodka and 2 ounces coffee liqueur. Cover and shake until shaker becomes frosty and most of the ice has melted.

2. Strain all ingredients into cocktail glass filled with ice. Top off with 2 ounces cola. Please drink responsibly.

3. Looking for a CSU pre-game spot or just wanting to get your tasting on? Stop by Feisty Spirits Distillery located in Fort Collins. This local distiller offers handcrafted whiskey, bourbon, brandy and so much more. Check out their tasting room hours and offered spirits at www.feistyspirits.com or click here.

best drinks – colorado

It has been said that the Colorado Cooler was created during Prohibition. Now, I don’t claim to be a history expert but, creating a cocktail recipe during Prohibition sounds a bit off. Right?! Well, whenever it was created I highly recommend you try it now. So many tastes. So much deliciousness. Cheers to Prohibition!

1. Fill shaker with ice. Add 1 ounce lemon juice, 3 ounces Bourbon, 1 ounce simple syrup and 3 dashes celery bitters. Cover and shake until shaker becomes frosty and most of the ice has melted.

2. Strain ingredients into cocktail glass filled with ice. Top off with 2 ounces club soda. Garnish with cherries as desired. I choose Ole Smokey Moonshine Cherries as my garnish.

3. Looking for some history to go with your cocktail? Try visiting The Mint in Silverthorne. This Best Bar location opened its doors in 1862. They were serving drinks before Colorado even became a state. Learn more at www.mintsteakhouse.com or click here.

B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks – Colorado.

Thank you for joining me as we explored Best Food and Best Drinks – Colorado. We discovered The Breakfast Queen’s Mountain Man Skillet. The Rainbow Restaurant’s Sweet Potato Burrito. The recipe for n amazing Colorado Cooler cocktail and so much more. Did your Colorado favorite make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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