B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks – Arkansas

Hello and welcome to Best Food and Best Drinks – Arkansas. Explore with me and discover the Best Chicken and Waffles, Delicious Temptations, an Arkansas Avalanche cocktail and so much more. Let’s discover new treasures Arkansas style!

Best Food – Arkansas

A local family owned and operated diner in downtown Little Rock. This newly discovered gem is located at 201 E Markham Street. Weekend Brunch At the Corner is a must see and eat! Check out their website at www.thecornerlr.com or click here. Photos courtesy of At The Corner.

1. Chicken and Waffles: Waffle & house fried chicken. Served with maple syrup.

2. Energy Bowl: Scrambled egg whites, turkey, Brie, sweet potatoes, beets, kale, granola, kumquats and rosemary-squash coulis.

3. Peaches & Cream Roll: Cinnamon roll with peaches and cream.

I had to go with the Eggs Temptation at Delicious Temptations. Let me tempt you to visit them at 11220 N Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock. Menu selections can be found at www.delicious-temptations-restaurant.myshopify.com or click here. All photos are courtesy of Delicious Temptations.

1. Eggs Temptation: Poached egg, real crab meat & artichoke hearts on an English muffin with hollandaise sauce.

2. The Duke’s Usual: Two eggs any style, toast or English muffin, bacon, sausage or ham, and hash browns.

3. Hawg Benedict: Poached egg, bacon, sausage & ham on an English muffin or biscuit with choice of hollandaise sauce or gravy.

Best Drinks – Arkansas

The Arkansas Razorback cocktail may not have been created on the campus of the University of Arkansas but, it is named after their mascot. This Best Drinks Arkansas cocktail may be found at tailgate parties, Fayetteville bars or anywhere the game is on!

1. Fill shaker with ice. Add 2 ounces Amaretto, 2 ounces Frangelic, 2 ounces Spiced Rum and 2 ounces Vodka. Cover and shake until shaker becomes frosty and most of the ice has melted.

2. Strain ingredients into cocktail glass filled with ice. Please drink responsibly.

3. If you are visiting or traveling to Little Rock I highly recommend visiting White Water Tavern. This amazing place has been voted Esquire Magazine’s Street Bar in America. To learn hours, menu selections and event calendars visit www.whitewatertavern.com or click here. Order an Arkansas Razorback and yell “Sooie” for me! Tell them Wonder Lesch sent you.

Arkansas Avalanche cocktail can be created and consumed anytime of year. They say the four seasons in Arkansas are almost summer, summer, still summer and football. “How ‘bout them hogs” is an Arkansas way of saying hello!

1. Fill shaker with ice. Add 3 ounces Goldschlager, 3 ounces Lemonade and 1 ounce Grenadine. Cover and shake until shaker becomes frosty and most of the ice has melted.

2. Strain ingredients into Collins glass filled with ice. Garnish with lemon wedges as desired. Please drink responsibly.

3. Looking for some history to have with your cocktail? Visit the Ohio Club located in Hot Springs National Park. The Ohio Club was established in 1905 and has been serving best drinks ever since. To learn more visit their website at www.theohioclub.com or click here.

B Stands for Best Food and Best Drinks – Arkansas.

Thank you for joining me as we explored Best Food and Best Drinks – Arkansas. We discovered Arkansas has amazing brunch locations, state themed cocktails and bars to explore. Eggs Temptations is now on my favorites list! Did your favorite Arkansas Best Food and Best Drinks make my list? If not, please add it in the comments section.

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