Top Haunted Bars 2023

Hello and welcome to my favorite type of Travel Destination Guide, Top Haunted Bars 2023. Here I share a little spooky and a whole lot of spirit. Read on the explore Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Kells Irish Pub, the Six Pence Pub and more. And by more I mean disembodied voices, footsteps where there is no one around and drinks moving all on their own. Voices, I am okay with. Footsteps are a bit unnerving. Messing with my drink, well that will not be tolerated. Kind of hard to yell at someone for moving your drink when you can’t see them. :/

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon – Arizona

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon is located in Tombstone, Arizona. This Saloon and Hotel once served drinks to Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. Those aren’t the ghosts that still haunt this place. That honor belongs to The Swamper. Who is The Swamper you might ask? The Swamper was the local handy man for The Grand Hotel and Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. It is he you might hear digging in the basement.

Others, both tourists and employees, have been touched (sometimes inappropriately), seen ghostly apparitions, witnessed items being knocked over and more. I did tell you about NOT moving my drink!

Ear Inn – New York

The Ear Inn opened in 1817 and claims to be the oldest and most haunted bar in New York, New York. The Inn was once a distillery, a brothel, an eatery, a smuggler’s den, and a speakeasy. So there has been a whole lot of mischief and mayhem, which means a whole lot of “unusual” occurrences.

There’s allegedly a ghost by the name of Mickey that can be seen frequently bellied up to the bar. The story goes: Mickey was a sailor and drank himself to death in the late 1800s. And so he sits literally waiting for his ship to come in. Thumps and bumps from unseen forces are common. I just think the ghosts are dancing to the live music played weekly, off step of course but trying to get their groove on!

Kells Irish Pub – Washington

Kells Irish Pub is located in the Butterworth Building in Seattle, Washington. The Building was once used as a mortuary the the entrance to the restaurant / pub is where the dead bodies would be brought in. Hmmmm, sounds like the perfect place for lingering ghosts to hang out. Tasty Corned Beef and Cabbage, Guinness Beer and live Irish music makes it hard for me to leave pn a Friday or Saturday night.

The two well known ghosts that have never left Kells are a little girl and an older gentleman. The little girl is seen with red hair and is quite a prankster. She loves playing with the other children that come to the restaurant with their families during the day. The older gentleman has been given the name Charlie and shows himself when live music is playing. I am with you Charlie. I can’t say for sure if “Red” or “Charlie” have made glasses slide off the table in the bar area, but I will be keeping both eyes on my drink the next time I visit.

Old Absinthe House – Louisiana

Old Absinthe House opened its doors in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1798. And the spirits have been flowing ever since. The House over the years has seen Pirates, US Presidents and Prohibition relocations. Moving back to its original location brought not only the furniture and bottles of liquor, but its ghosts.

Employees and guests have recorded seeing the ghost of US President Jackson, Marie Laveau (a well known voodoo practitioner) as well as the woman in the white dress. Some people say the white dressed woman is creepy, I say she just wants another Frappe. Bottles and chairs move. Remeber what I said about moving my drink!

Old Baraboo Inn – Wisconsin

The Old Baraboo Inn was built in, you guessed it, Baraboo, Wisconsin. The building was originally built in 1864 and has been home for a boardinghouse, brewery and a brothel. The current house of business, now serves drinks Thursday – Sunday.

I have heard of crying in your beer. I know some people talk to their beer. But, at Old Baraboo Inn, your beer sometimes talks back. Okay, maybe not the beer but there are reports of hearing disembodied voices while sitting at the bar. Employees and customers have also reported seeing an elderly man and woman and a saloon dancer. Drinking and dancing are two of my favorite things. Don’t worry if you forgot to take photos of your night out, people report photos showing up on their phones that they never took. I wonder how many likes those photos get!

Six Pence Pub – Georgia

Wally’s Sixpence was established in 1984 in Savannah, Georgia. In 1999 the business changed hands and became Sixpence Pub. It is home to British comfort, craft ales and several different apparitions.

Near Sixpence is a Revolutionary War gravesite. Employees and customers report that the ghosts they see the most are wearing periodic era attire and/or war uniforms. The temperature in the building often falls, pots, pans and pint glasses fall. Moving my drink again! Lights flicker. Chairs move. Six Pence is more than just good English food and beer!

Top Haunted Bars 2023

Thank you for joining me as we explored Top Haunted Bars 2023. Together we discovered Ear Inn, Old Absinthe House, Old Babaroo Inn and more. If you are a fan of drinking spirits with the spirits then thses places are for you. Did your favorite haunted bar make my list? If not, please share in the coments. I love discovering new treasures.

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