A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Utah

Hello and welcome to Amazing Travel Adventures – Utah. Here discover National Parks, a Spiral Jetty, an underground tunnel that transports skiers, and so much more. Let’s travel, explore and discover Utah style.

Arches and Creeks and Trails – Utah

1. Arches National Park offers trails, camping and a bookstore. Listed as open at the time of this post. Arches National Park is located 5 miles North of Moab, another amazing travel adventure. The Park contains the largest area of natural sandstone arches in the world. Mother Nature is truly amazing! Did you know there is an App to download and turn your phone into a tour guide? Arches National Park Utah Tour. You can also visit the National Parks website at www.nps.gov or click here.

2. Lower Calf Creek Falls is located within the Grand Staircase Escalante. The Lower Falls are over 130 feet tall and empty into an amazing swimming hole. The falls and swimming hole can be reached via a trail ranked as easy and totals over 5 miles out and back. There are trail maps available from the trailhead to get before venturing to the falls. For COVID updates, hours and prices visit www.visitutah.com or click here.

3. Wahweap Hoodoos trail is located near Big Water, Utah. The trail is ranked as moderate, over 9 miles out and back and, has a high level of traffic. With views like the one on the left who could blame the foot traffic.

Spirals and Pictographs and Olympic Parks – Utah

1. Spiral Jetty is a work of art created by Robert Smithson in 1970. This earthwork is located at Rozel Peninsula near the shore of the Great Salt Lake. Spiral Jetty was donated to Dia Art Foundation by Robert’s estate. To view Dia’s rules regarding visitors visit www.diaart.org or click here.

2. Nine Mile Canyon Road is actually over 40 miles long. The Canyon walls often called the longest art gallery and after visiting this amazing travel adventure you will see why. The gallery showcases tens of thousands of pictographs. Some very old pictographs. The area is under the care of the Bureau of Land Management. They kindly ask you leave only footprints and take only photographs.

3. Utah Olympic Park is located in Park City, Utah. The Park was home of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. The Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation has been maintaining the facilities and allows people of all ages and abilities to learn, participate and / or watch amazing winter sports and performances. To view event calendars and lessons available visit www.utaholympiclegacy.org or click here.

Under and Over and Up – Utah

1. The Peruvian Tunnel at Snowbird Resort cuts through Snowbird mountain and is the only one of its kind in North America. The tunnel is over 600 feet long and is used throughout the year. Skiers are able to stand on the moving sidewalk that allows them to travel from Peruvian Gulch to Mineral Basin. During non skiing months hikers can also follow the sidewalk, and tunnel of history. Love when the view is worth the climb! Maps, hours, lift tickets and more can be found at http://www.snowbird.com or click here.

2. Interstate 80 Wildlife Overpass crosses over six lanes of traffic at Parleys Canyon. The Utah Department of Transportation created the overpass for local animals to be able to migrate safely. What once was referred to as “Slaughter Row” has now become safe passage for all animals migrating each season. The UDOT has deemed the crossing for animals only. Please help keep the local wildlife safe.

3. The Real Up House is located in Herriman. The home is an exact replica of Carl and Ellie’s house from the animated Disney movie, Up. The builder of the home received exclusive right and authorization to create the Up House. People do live currently in the house. Please visit their website at www.therealuphouse.com or click here to learn picture taking requests and more about the owners.

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – Utah

Thank you for joining me in discovering Amazing Travel Adventures – Utah. There is so much treasure to discover in Utah. My new favorite is Lower Creek Falls. Or should I say Lower Creek Falls swimming hole. The swimming hole is so cool and refreshing and a must add to your must see list. Did your favorite amazing travel adventures – Utah make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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