A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – North Dakota

Hello and welcome to: A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – North Dakota. Read on to find your North Dakota Travel Destination Guide. National Parks, State Parks and International Peace Gardens are just a few of my new favorite things. Travel with me to North Dakota to explore all of the amazing adventures it has to offer.

Parks and Beaches and Trail Adventures – North Dakota

1. Painted Canyon is located within Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The park is named after the 26th President of the United States. It was love at first site for President Roosevelt during a visit to the area. Mother Nature is truly amazing. Painted Canyon is located in the South Unit of the park. Their Visitor’s Center has breathtaking views that are love at first sight. Visit www.nps.gov or click here.

2. Lake Sakakawea State Park is located in Pick City, North Dakota. The Park is found on the South Shore of one of the largest man made reservoirs in the United States. With 368,000 acres of water and 4,600 miles of trails Lake Sakakawea has something for everyone. To learn more about what the Park has to offer visit www.parkrec.nd.gov or click here.

3. The Turtle Mountain State Forest is located Northwest of Bottineau, North Dakota. The recreation are has over 12 miles of trails open to hiking, biking, horseback riding and so much more. Interested in making a reservation? Check out their website www.parkrec.nd.gov or click here.

AMAZING Interpretive Centers and Pow Wows and Dinosaurs – North Dakota

1. Lewis & Clark Trail Interpretive Center is a symbol of culture and commerce in the Northern Plains. The Center is an immersive experience sharing the lives of explorers, Native people and traders. I recommend the self guided tour through the center to discover at your own pace. Staff guided tours are available as well. To get updated information including hours of operation (which change seasonally) visit www.nps.gov or click here.

2. United Tribes International Pow Wow is held every second weekend in September, except 2020. We don’t talk about 2020. This event is a contest Pow Wow where singers and dancers compete for prize money. The best of the best arrive to be seen. The Pow Wow showcases beauty, talent, and history. To discover more visit www.unitedtribespowwow.com or click here. Photo courtesy of http://www.powwow.com.

3. Dinosaurs on the Prairie is the largest collection of threshing machines. The collection is that of Farmer John “Custer” Grenz and pays homage to the way things were. Threshing machines were once used to separate seeds from stalks of grain. The actions of two separate machines, reaper binder and thresher have been combined. Now the two activities are performed by one machine. A certain farmer did not want anyone to forget the dinosaurs of harvest. There isn’t a website to visit but there is a Facebook page to explore.

Town Musicals and Enchanted Highways and Peace Gardens – North Dakota

1. Medora is a very small town located in North Dakota. The town is a very popular tourist destination. One of the main attractions is the Medora Musical. Their website states they are the rootin’-tooniest, boot-scootinest show in all the Midwest. Now say that five times fast! The town of Medora is full of history and fun things to see and do. The town musical is the icing on the cake. To learn more and to buy your tickets to the show visit www.medora.com or click here. Photo courtesy of Medora.

2. The Enchanted Highway is 32 miles long and is located in Regent, North Dakota. Enchanted Highway is not the road’s official name. Discover this amazing adventure on Interstate 94. I thing the Enchanted Highway has a nicer ring to it. The Highway is home to several breathtaking scrap metal sculptures. Gary Greff is the sculptures creator. Visit www.enchantedcastlend.com or click here to discover more sculptures.

3. International Peace Gardens were established in 1932. The garden is located in the Turtle Mountain range and covers 2,300 acres of breathtaking beauty. The Gardens are a very popular tourist attraction. Seeing such an amazing tribute to peace and friendship between the United States and Canada is a must see for thousands of people. “More than peace grows here” To learn more visit their website at http://www.peacegarden.com or click here.

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures – North Dakota

Thank you for traveling with me though Amazing Travel Adventures – North Dakota. There is so many breathtaking places to visit. Photos do not do justice. I highly recommend visiting in person. Beaches in North Dakota? A Town musical? International Pow Wows? Yes, yes, and yes! North Dakota has it all. Did your favorite North Dakota go to spot make my list? If not, please share in the comments.

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