C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Connecticut

Hello and welcome to C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Connecticut. Read on to discover ConnectiCon. TerrifiCon. Greenwich International Film Festival. And Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival. Let’s explore Can’t Miss Events Connecticut style!

ConnectiCon- Connecticut

1. ConnectiCon is an annual event held for fans of multi fandoms. This can’t miss event hosts tabletop gaming. There are panels. Multiple workshops. And more. Your Fandom is HERE!

2. July 15 – 18, 2021 is their next scheduled event. Adult weekend passes are $90. Adult single day passes are $60. All photos courtesy of ConnectiCon.

3. View special celebrity guests that will be attending. Plan your day by checking their panel schedules. Information and frequently asked questions can be found at www.connecticon.org.

TerrifiCon – Connecticut

1. Boasting Connecticut’s largest comic convention! TerrifiCon showcases all things comics. Writers. Artists. Creators. And more! There is something amazing for everyone.

2. TerrifiCon’s next event is scheduled to take place July 30 – August 1, 2021. Photos are courtesy of TerrifiCon.

3. Panel schedules, check. Workshop dates and times, check. Discover what Connecticut’s largest comic convention has to offer at www.terrificon.com.

Greenwich International Film Festival – Connecticut

1. Greenwich International Film Festival is an annual film festival. This can’t miss event showcases visual arts from around the world. Their website states the festival features film screenings. Movie premieres. Film community events. After hour parties showcasing amazing filmmakers. And you won’t want to miss their award ceremony.

2. Save the dates: February 18, 2021 – February 21, 2021 for this Festival’s Can’t Miss Event. Virtual Memberships are $100. Greenwich Memberships are 1,500.00.

3. More ticket information. Film screenings. Panel dates and times. Visit www.greenwichfilm.org. All photos are courtesy of Greenwich International Film Festival.

Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival – Connecticut

1. Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival. The Festival showcases local, regional and national bluegrass performers. Thevent is so big and amazing it is held on 3 separate stages. This Can’t Miss Event takes place at the Goshen Fairgrounds in Goshen, Connecticut.

2. Their next Can’t Miss Event is scheduled to take place August 12 – August 15, 2021. 4 Day General Admission tickets are $125.00. 5 Day Festival with Camping tickets are $160.00.

3. Start planning your next trip by visiting their website at www.podunkbluegrass.com. Photos courtesy of Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival.

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Connecticut

Thank You for exploring C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Connecticut with me. Here we discovered ConnectiCon. A multi fandom event. TerrifiCon. Connecticu’t largest comic convention. Greenwich International Film Festival. Showcasing the film community both near and far. And the Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival. It highlights local artists and the local music community. So many can’t miss events Connecticut style. Did your favorite event make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasures.

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