C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Colorado

Hello and welcome to Can’t Miss Events – Colorado. This travel destination guide shares Colorado’s SciFi/Fantasy Community. Colorado’s Music Community. Colorado’s Film Maker Community. So much artistic creativity in Colorado. Let’s explore!

Denver Pop Culture Con – Colorado

1. Denver Pop Culture Con 2020 has been canceled, with plans already in the making for their new May 2021 date. Experience pop culture, comic culture and con culture.

2. Prices for the 2021 event have are not currently showing on their website. Prices from past events have been $85 for 3 Day Adult ticket. $50 for a Single Day Adult ticket.

3. Event updates for Denver Pop Culture Con can be found at http://www.denverpopculturecon.com or click here. Photos are courtesy fo Denver Pop Culture Con.

LeakyCon Denver – Colorado

  1. 1. LeakyCon is a Harry Potter fan convention. Denver’s Con has been postponed and is now scheduled to take place October 23 – 25, 2020.
  2. 2. Tickets for LeakyCon 2020 are currently on sale. General Weekend tickets are $175. Saturday Single tickets are $65.
  3. 3. Visit their website at www.leakycon.com or click here to see more information and updates. All photos are courtesy of LeakyCon.

Sonic Bloom Music Festival – Colorado

1. Hummingbird Ranch hosts the can’t miss annual event, Sonic Bloom Music Festival. Sonic Bloom is so much more than a music festival. The Festival offers interactive zones, music, workshops and yoga to name a few of what is in store during your adventure.

2. 4 Day General Admission Early Bird tickets are $155. 4 Day VIP Early Bird tickets are $464. Camping and parking tickets vary in price.

3. Find updates and the festival’s music line up at http://www.sonicbloomfestival.com or click here.Sonic Bloom has something for everyone. Photos are courtesy of Sonic Bloom.

Durango International Film Festival – Colorado

1. The Durango Film Festival features documentaries, dramatic films, narratives, short films and so much more. What better way to bring independent filmmakers, their filmmaking process and their vision to the community.

2. This Can’t Miss Event is scheduled to take place March 4 – 8, 2020. Festival Opening Night is FREE movie night at the Gaslight Twin Cinemas and Animas City Theater. An All Festival Pass is buy one get one 1/2 off for $405. All other tickets range from $80 to $270. The choice is yours!

3. See film screening schedules, workshops and after party events at http://www.durangofilm.org or click here. March is also a great time to hit the slopes. Start planning your getaway for films and slopes. All photos are courtesy of Durango Film Festival.

C Stands for Can’t Miss Events – Colorado

Thank you for exploring with me and discovering Can’t Miss Events – Colorado. Colorado has an amazing artistic community. Did you love discovering LeakyCon Denver. I am proud to say that I am of the house Gryffindor. I took the quiz twice LOL! Which house do you belong to? Are film making and music making more your style? Colorado has got your covered. Sonic Bloom Music Festival and Durango Film Festival are only 2 of the Can’t Miss festivals that take place in Colorado. Did your favorite make my list? If not, please share in the comments. I love discovering new treasure.

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