Wednesday Wonders – Versailles Palace

Hi, Wonder Lesch again! This is part three of the Parisian mini-series, where I recommend things to do in this wonderful city to enjoy it the best. Let me know in the comments if you have been enjoying this kind of content, I certainly have been enjoying writing it, and knowing that many of you get to know these details about the city, and maybe get inspired to travel to France someday.

Versailles is a town just outside of Paris, France. One should plan to travel there early in the morning by train or use what other sort of transport you wish, and plan a return trip later the same day. Visiting the palace is without question a full day activity, since the multitude of things to do and the detail that goes into every experience within, cannot simply be visited without spending a full day there.

Golden Gate of the Versailles Palace, Versailles, France

The palace is one of the most famous activities near Paris, and one should consider it a primordial thing to do once there. Be advised, the palace is not part of a thoroughly inexpensive travel, since the trains alone can add to a hefty fee. But it is totally worth it for the amazing opulence that you will struggle to find elsewhere in the world.

Firstly, I would advise giving the hall of mirrors a visit. It is the place in Versailles that you most likely have seen in pictures before, and not without reason, as it is one of the most prominent and beautiful displays of the power that the French monarchy had at its peak. Ranging from ceiling art, beautiful chandelier decoration, and an architectural style designed to inspire awe, the hall of mirrors is an absolute must-see.

Hall of Mirrors, Versailles Palace, Versailles, France

I mean, look at that. The hall of mirrors was created specifically to dazzle the visitors of King Louis XIV, just to show the absolutely overwhelming power that he had back then. Let’s just say that the aesthetics and the effect on the visitors are very well preserved, turning this place in the palace by itself into one of the most amazing activities to do in Versailles.

Next, paying a visit to the gardens is also a very recommended thing to do while at the palace. The French gardening style is elevated to the next level in the Gardens of Versailles. Symmetry, fountains and an intricate mix of decorative elements make the gardens a favorite for many visitors.

Outdoor Gardens of Versailles Palace, Versailles, France

Warning alert you may spend more time walking around the miles and miles of carefully maintained gardens, than admiring the inside of the palace itself, which is grand in its own right. There is something simply magical about being in such a space, where no matter the number of visitors, you certainly won’t feel crowded.

Lastly, for the must-do things in the palace, one should have a picnic in the designated areas in the gardens. To my amazement, I found out that each adult visitor can take a bottle of wine into the palace, which elevates the picnic experience into the most traditional and classy form. I recommend having traditional bread, french cheese, and any other sorts of food that you enjoy. Besides it being delicious, nothing beats enjoying a glass of wine with good company in the gardens of Versailles Palace.

Wine Making Bronze Statues, Gardens at Versailles Palace, Versailles, France

Wednesday Wonders – Versailles Palace

From architecture to decoration, up to gastronomy (Alain Ducasse has a restaurant named “Ore” in the grounds of Versailles!), there is simply not enough time to do everything in the palace, which is why having less than a day there will simply not encompass the great experiences to be had in the place.

Thank you for reading part three of my Paris series, it did not start out as a series, but it is France. Please let me know in the comments if you have been enjoying the series, or if you have a city recommendation. There are guide books below if this post has inspired you to plan your trip to Paris, France.

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