Wednesday Wonders – The Roman Colosseum

Welcome to my next blog post for WonderLesch. This virtual visit of the Wonders of the World is to the Roman Colosseum. This enormous structure is situated in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome. The Colosseum is an amphitheater from the time of the Roman Empire, built in the first century, its original name “Anfiteatro Flavio”, Italian for “Flavio’s Amphitheater”. The name refers to the Flavian dynasty of emperors who built it; its later name, Colosseum, and by which it is best known today, is due to a large statue that was nearby, the Colossus of Nero, which has been unfortunately destroyed.

Interior of the Colosseum, Flavian Amphitheater, Rome, Italy

Before telling you how amazing this structure is, and why you should pay it a visit if you have the chance to go to Rome, let’s first discuss its historical legacy.

It is thought that the construction of the colosseum began around the year 70 A.D. as a mandate of Emperor Vespasian, but it was not finished until his son Emperor Titus rose to power and inaugurated the building. As expected for such an antique build, it has been heavily damaged and rebuilt several times, once in 217 when in was burnt, an again in 443 when it was damaged again by an earthquake.

Ancient seating at the Roman Colosseum in Rome Italy

At its peak it could hold more than 60,000 spectators who gathered to see show such as the venatios, latin for “hunting”. The venatios were celebrations where exotic animals were brought to the colosseum and dueled to their death, both beasts and gladiators.

These celebrations and rituals form part of the Roman culture and, even if they are not present now, they were prominent traditions for one of the strongest civilizations the world has ever known.

But enough history and blood-baths, what can you do nowadays in the Roman Colosseum?

Due to the enormous demand of tourist in peak season, to enter the Colosseum you require to purchase a ticket and a guide. This will normally grant you access to the arena and the Roman Forum.

Outside view of the Roman Colosseum, Rome Italy

Even if they are a little expensive, there is no better way to experience this colossal structure in all its glory. If you are planning a trip to Rome, I strongly recommend saving a day for the Colosseum, as well as booking your tickets beforehand. It is a Wonder of the World for a reason. Once inside, no matter you expectations, you will be blown away, the incredible sight from outside does not compare to walking around a centuries old amphitheater.

It has something for everyone, from history to breathtaking sights, it is one of the perfect spots in Rome to just take a moment and enjoy the view.

Outside of the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Unlike other Wonders of the World I have posted about like Petra, you can enjoy it even from the outside. There is no such a thing as “too much time in Rome” you can enjoy the panoramic view while having a coffee around this historic site, and don’t forget that the food in Rome is regarded as some of the best in the world. I have been told if you want to experience the true Italian flavors, a blog follower did recommend going to the restaurant Obicà in the center of Rome, they serve fresh mozzarella and amazing pasta. Let me know if they were right in recommending.

Even if it may seem cliché please, if you go to Rome, at least take the time to walk around the Colosseum, you won’t regret it. I have included a couple guide books to help you in planning and achieving your dream visit to Rome.

Italy, with its amazing history and incredible cuisine, has everything you can dream of, sights, sounds, tastes all rolled into one adventure. Have you visited Rome? Italy? Share with me your experiences. I would love to read about them in the comments.

– WonderLesch

The Roman Colosseum was one of the most extraordinary buildings in the ancient world, a work of engineering genius whose design is imitated every time a modern stadium is built. 

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