My Love Letter to Ireland

  • Oh Ireland, what have you done? Your land, your people, your music, your food, your drink. What is a girl supposed to do?
  • The architecture found within the city limits almost makes me forget how beautiful your rolling hills are. “Wow, look at that, it is amazing.” My statement of shock and awe at every corner, and with each turn you tug at my heart strings.
  • The only thing more beautiful than the architecture found throughout this amazing island, is the people that live here, and the music that they play. Walking through the city of Dublin, passing a pub playing live music I could not, not step in to listen and of course enjoy myself a pint. (Or two!) Tug, tug.
  • The food and the pints are a plenty. Irish traditional food and local breweries abound. The food and drink have a way of filling my tummy, my heart and my soul. Slainte! Tug, tug, tug.
  • The land, the people, the music, the food and the drink all filled my heart and it in turn spilled over with love. I left a part of my heart with you Ireland, so take good care of it, I will be back. Love you always and forever, Erin

Where have you left a part of your heart? Will you go back to get it, or let it stay?

Until Next Time,

Erin at Wonder Lesch


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  • justthegameoflife

    I loved the pictures from this post! Ireland is one of my top places that I want to travel to someday. It just looks so pretty and I love their accents.