The A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s of Kentucky A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures

Hello and welcome to the next edition of My Travel Destination Guide for Amazing Travel Adventures. This week we are traveling to Kentucky, USA.

A Stands for Amazing Travel Adventures


1. Daniel Boone National Forest spreads across 21 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky. The forest covers over 700,000 acres of land. I discovered Amazing Travel Adventures at Cumberland Falls State Park and Red River Gorge. Both can be found inside Daniel Boone National Forest

2. Cumberland Falls State Park covers over 1600 acres. It is host to Cumberland Falls waterfall and Eagle Waterfall. Cumber land Falls is over 60 feet tall and Eagle Falls waterfall is over 40 feet tall. For a chance to see even more of what Mother Nature has to offer discover Red River Gorge. Its natural arches of stone are world famous and have been designated an official national geological area.

3. So many ways to spend your vacation or day trip – hiking, white water rafting, fishing, biking, horseback riding, eating, swimming (only if waiting 30 minutes after eating, right?!) or just relaxing and enjoying all that nature has to offer. I highly recommend this Amazing Travel Adventure.


If you are more into learning and expanding your knowledge check out these Amazing Travel Adventures. Yes, I am a bit of a history fan!

1. Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory shares a long history with sports in general. Louisville Slugger bats and their role in one of America’s favorite sports, baseball goes back decades. Visit the factory to see how baseball bats are made. Then stroll through the museum’s interesting and fascinating exhibits – they even have a limestone baseball glove!

2. Is boxing more your thing? I highly recommend visiting the Muhammad Ali Center. Explore the life and times of the man, the myth, the legend, the Louisville Lip, and all of the other names he was known as. An introduction film showcases some of Muhammad Ali’s history. The center also has interactive displays to learn some boxing moves. You can even find out how hard you punch – float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

3. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was once dedicated to healing tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was incurable at the time the sanatorium was built. As the number of patients increased so did the size of the sanatorium. The campus quickly became a 450 bed institution. It has gone through many different changes, the last being a nursing home in 1962. It was finally being abandoned. It is advertised as a haunted house and there are ghost tours year round.


I am also a fan of the unique and unusual. Kentucky has so many unique places to visit and must see spots it was hard to narrow it down to my top 3.

  1. Kentucky Kingdom is an adventure theme park full of exciting things to do and try. It first opened in 1987 and has added bigger and better rides to have something for everyone. 5 roller coasters, a 5 D cinema attraction, a river ride and Ferris wheel only name a few of what Kentucky Kingdom has to offer.
  2. The Big Four Bridge spans 2,520 feet over the Ohio River connecting the state of Kentucky and Indiana. It is a bicycle and pedestrian walkway. One of the bridge’s exits ends at the Louisville Waterfront Park. 2 states, 1 bridge, and multiple activities makes this a must see for any vacation planner.
  3. The Vent Haven Museum is home to a large variety of ventriloquism artifacts. The museum got it’s start from William Shakespeare Berger’s collection and has grown for over 60 decades. Visiting Kentucky in July? Be sure to stop by the museum for the annual ventriloquist convention!

Thank you for joining my Amazing Travel Adventures in Kentucky. When thinking of somewhere to go that has it all:,amazing outdoors, sports history, famous residents history, ghosts, theme parks, and museums, I hope you choose Kentucky. Let me know if your favorites did not make it onto my list. I love learning and adventuring so share in the comments.

My next blog post will showcase the Best Food and Best Drinks that Kentucky has to offer. Any state that has a Bourbon trail moves up towards the top of my must see and visit places.

Until Next Time,

Womder Lesch


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