The A, B, C’s and 1, 2, 3’s of Iowa, USA

Hello and Welcome to the next edition of my Travel Destination Guide. Amazing Travel Adventures, Best Food and Drinks, and Can’t Miss Conventions for Iowa, USA.

A Stands for amazing Travel Adventures

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE Bridges! Traveling the covered Bridges of Madison County had to top my list for Amazing Travel Adventures in Iowa.

  1. Madison County is the Covered Bridge Capital of Iowa and has the largest number of covered bridges West of the Mississippi.
  2. Madison County originally had 19 Covered Bridges, but just six of them remain, five of which have been added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  3. Madison County’s Welcome Center is located at 73 Jefferson Street in Winterset, Iowa. It has maps, brochures and information for visiting the Covered Bridges.

To visit all 6 bridges by car takes about 1 hour, without stops. Without stops, hahahahaha! I believe in the, drive over the bridge, park the car, then walk over the bridge, method. There are group tours available but you must provide your own transportation for the group tour. I prefer to drive and stop, and drive, and stop.

Sticking with a movie theme, not the plan in the beginning but Shoeless Joe told me write it and they will read!

  1. Filming of The Field of Dreams began on May 25, 1988. During a lunch with the Iowa Chamber of Commerce, Robinson broached his idea of a final scene in which headlights could be seen for miles along the horizon. The Chamber folks replied that it could be done and the shooting of the final scene became a community event. The film crew was hidden on the farm to make sure the aerial shots did not reveal them. Dyersville was then blacked out and local extras drove their vehicles to the field. In order to give the illusion of movement, the drivers were instructed to continuously switch between their low and high beams.
  2. The Kinsella home is in Dyersville, Iowa and was designated to host a special neutral site baseball game between the Chicago White Socks and the New York Yankees in August 2020
  3. Fans can now spend the night in the farmhouse’s one bedroom upstairs and enjoy the “Kinsella Experience.” Guests will be greeted personally by the Movie Site staff and will receive a complimentary gift basket. Or enjoy a live guided 30 minutes tour inside the farmhouse learning its history through becoming the movie set.

Sharing some of my favorite new discoveries. I love places that have treasures to be discovered and Iowa did not disappoint.

  1. Elwood the Gnome; You can find Elwood in the Verdant Reiman Gardens at Iowa State University, Elwood, a massive garden gnome, stands as a jovial sentry against all others who would dare challenge his title as the tallest concrete gnome in the world.
  2. Albert the Bull; Albert, the World’s Largest Bull, has been guarding the peaceful streets of Audubon since 1964. He is 28 feet tall and has a 15-foot span between horns. 
  3. Largest Frying Pan; Located in Brandon, Iowa the frying is not the world’s largest, but still an impressive nine feet wide and 14 feet long (with handle). Built in 2004 for the town’s Cowboy Breakfast Festival, the skillet could fry 44 dozen eggs or 88 pounds of bacon

Thank you for joining my Amazing Travel Adventures in Iowa, USA. So much to do and so much to see. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Have you visited Iowa lately? Where were your favorite go to’s and must see’s? Drop your top Iowa adventures in the comments.

Until next time

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