Wednesday Wonders – Christ the Redeemer Statue

Hi again, WonderLesch blog here with my next installment for Wednesday Wonders which is exploring and discovering Christ the Redeemer Statue located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Christ the Redeemer Statue, from Portuguese Cristo Redentor, is a 100 feet high statue that represents Jesus of Nazareth with his arms open wide towards the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. First and foremost, before we discuss why this gorgeous monument is part of the many new wonders of the world, let’s go over some history:

Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

This Brazilian sculpture was inaugurated in 1931 in place of the Corcovado hill lookout which is inside the city of Rio de Janeiro. The idea of a religious monument in Rio can be traced back to 1856, but the idea was not consolidated until 1921 when the centenary of the Brazilian Independence approached. In the construction there are two figures that stand out, Héctor da Silva Costa delegate for the work’s execution, and the french sculptor Paul Landowski.

Art Decó

At the end of the day, even if the scale is quite large, the statue is a piece of art, and it is one of the most renowned results of the Art Decó design movement, which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It stands out for its characteristically stylized and geometric forms, represented by the heterogeneity and eclecticism in the art pieces and buildings that encompass this time frame. Other well-known structures that are also representative of this movement are the Empire State Building and the New York City’s Rockefeller Center.

The area in Rio was already highly visited, due to the panoramic city views and the famous Trem do Corcovado (Corcovado Railways) which was a famous attraction built back in 1884 by Emperor Pedro II of Brazil. The combination of the train that could take you on top the hill, and the option to climb made the place pretty popular, but when the magnificent statue was placed, the tourism in Rio was taken to a whole new level.

Christ the Redeemer Statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

And now we ask ourselves, why is it a world wonder?

First of all, let it be known that it is not just the statue that is important. The historical value is quite amazing as it was built as Brazil was going through a rough crisis time, and they built it anyway. The creation of this Brazilian wonder sparked a must see tourist attraction found only in Brazil. This uproar that it continues to cause is due to the fact that the area has something to offer to any kind of visitor, specially in the way up…

The trail up the mountain is filled with wildlife and engulfed in the rainforest, perfect for adventurers looking for a more physical experience. In contrast, there is the still the electric train that crosses the Tijuca National Park, as well as the elevator, for those that wish a more relaxed way up the hill.

View from tram in the rainforest while going up to Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) on Morro do Corcovado (Corcovado Mountain), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What all of these methods have in common is that they all reach the peak, to offer tourists the chance to stand beside the ginormous reinforced concrete sculpture and take in the view that encompasses the city, the coast, and the rainforest, creating a magical experience as the day approaches dusk.

Rio de Janeiro is the second most visited city in Brazil, receiving more than a million tourists per year, while not all of them visit this amazing statue, it is usually on the top of travelers “to do” list while visiting. Rio has many different things to offer: With its extensive wildlife and tropical ecosystem the city is perfect for an ecoturistic vacation where you can see both sides of the flora and fauna, the terrestrial and the underwater one.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wednesday Wonders – Christ the Redeemer Statue

It is a great chance to approach the Brazilian culture, from its history to their exquisite gastronomy, while enjoying the breathtaking views, enjoying the breaches of crystal-clear water and, of course, take in one of the most outstanding constructions of human history.

There are so many things to do while visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the Christ the Redeemer sculpture is like the cherry on top, visible from everywhere in the city. Have you been to Rio de Janeiro? Please share your experiences in the comments with me and the others reading and learning about this amazing Wonder. Until next time, WonderLesch


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